Rare Photos: May 2012

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    *Pats himself on the back for actually remembering before it got too far into the month...* :p


    My Favorites:
    1st Row, Left: Harve Bennett and Leonard Nimoy chat between scenes during the filming of Star Trek III.

    3rd Row, Center: Spock and McCoy - or really, Leonard and De - laugh it up on the set of the Original Series.

    4th Row, Right: Teenage Mutant Ninja Worf, Teenage Mutant Ninja Worf, Teenage Mutant Ninja Worf! Klingon in a Half-Shell! :lol:

    6th Row, Left: Connor Trineer and director Roxann Dawson go over a scene.

    Which Are Your Faves?
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    When I saw the thread I thought "Someone's on top of things this month!" :lol:

    Had to laugh at poor Worf - and the new corridor shot was really nice!
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    It is always great seeing the behind the scenes production shots. Thanks for posting.
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    I always look forward to your post of the rare Photos per month. Thanks as always.:)
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    May 19, 2012
    It is nice and very interesting to see new pictures of Star Trek I have let to see.