Rare Photos: April & May 2013 (Double Dose!)

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    Hello my pretty minions! :p :lol:

    Apologies for being tardy (or actually, outright absent) with last months issue. Some things kept me occupied. And then when I went to do this months, found a technical issue we had to fix before I could get them out.

    Never the less, here they both be!

    April: http://www.trekcore.com/specials/thumbnails.php?album=151

    April Favorites:
    1st Row, Left: A ruggedly handsome looking Julian Bashir from "The Quickening" is sure to delight some people I know... ;)

    2nd Row, Left: One of the most awkward publicity photos I've ever seen - and we know I've seen a lot of them!

    3rd Row, Center: Leonard Nimoy directs the Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin (whom I have to do a rare "too young" age admission here by saying I've no clue who she was/is) :lol:

    6th Row, Right: Michael Dorn at the shuttle controls behind the scenes of "Insurrection"

    May: http://www.trekcore.com/specials/thumbnails.php?album=152

    May Favorites:
    1st Row, Left: I may not be in love with the nuTrek (not a hater; I'm indifferent) but I've got to give props to Abrams & Company for making the background aliens really interesting looking!

    3rd Row, Left: Clint Eastwood and kids stop by the set of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

    3rd Row, Right: Squirt-Gun Fun on the set of "Insurrection" between Donna Murphy (Anij) and Brent Spiner.

    5th Row, Left: William Shatner caught in the act... of playing the harmonica? :p

    Which Ones From Each Month Are Your Favorites?

  2. Captain Rob

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    Mar 9, 2010
    I like Garak wearing the inspiration for Google Glass.
    I hope that Google pays Paramount a boatload of money for it.
  3. Maurice Navidad

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    Walking distance from Starfleet HQ
    He looks like Commander Kril from The Last Starfighter.
  4. Forbin

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    I said out, dammit!
    Which film was the GoGo in!? :eek:
  5. Ryan Thomas Riddle

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    THE VOYAGE HOME. She was on one of the monitors at Starfleet Command's situation room.
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    Bet she wishes she'd be on vacation. But she'll never tell because her lips are sealed.
  7. Keith1701

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    Great Pictures as always!!!
    I missed your rare photos posting these few months.
  8. bbailey861

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    Thanks, Frontier.

    My favourites for:


    4th Row, Left: Interior Shuttle,
    6th Row, Center: Susan Oliver, and
    6th Row, Right: Dorn/Worf shuttle production shot.


    3rd Row, Left: Clint Eastwood and kids visiting set,
    3rd Row, Right: Murphy/Spiner watergun fun,
    4th Row, Left: Nimoy outside of soundstage, and
    5th Row, Center: Having a laugh on the set of ST:TVH.
  9. Redfern

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    Wasn't her hairdo meant to be an homage to "AstroBoy"?

    No, I'm not being a wise-a$$. As she appeared on the monitor, her hair is styled into two "spikes", one angled upwards, the other pointing a bit more to the side. If the resemblence was intentional, whose idea was it? Nimoy's? If so, who would have figured him for an early anime fan?


  10. bat'leth

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    Feb 9, 2010
    April: Bashir and Spock.
    May: Garak and the TNG 1st season bridge photo.