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    hey ladies and gents I have a question regarding events in destiny trilogy. It's been many years since I've read them and forgive me if my questions are answered in the books.

    My questions are:

    1.during the borg invasion, did starfleet order all cadets and officers on earth or other planets to go to any and all ships fight abled? (Kind of similar to JJstar trek 2009.) you think starfleet used any and all decommissioned ships that were able to have any sort of fight just to help in any way they could? you think starfleet did a planatary wife alert warning all beings on earth of the born coming? Or did they not want mass panic?

    I'm just curious :) thanks everyone!
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    I don't think the first two were established, but number 3 was specifically addressed. The people of Earth were completely aware it was coming, and were seeing it gracefully; I don't remember the specific scenes mentioned, but they described things along the lines of people talking the opportunity to reunite with estranged family, coming together for public gatherings, and just generally being accepting of their pending doom.
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    After Bacco said something like "Earth ends not while whimpering but with dignity." at the end of chapter 23.
    Also during all the Earth scenes I imagined the sky to be red. It just suited the scenes better.
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    By any chance are you expecting? Those typos just seem to be following a theme, so I just wondered if there was some Freudian slipping going on... :D
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    What would a Planetary Wife Alert sound like?

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    Every wife alert might as well be a planetary one.
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    "Yes dear."
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    ^ You comedians flarging kill me... ;)

    OK, let's try to answer your questions, or at least give some informed speculation. Bear in mind I'm just going by memory; it's been a few years since I read the trilogy, and I didn't dip into Memory Beta. I'm just going off the top of my head here.

    (1 and 2) The impression I was under that this was a rapidly-unfolding crisis, that one moment everything was hunky-dory with the exception of Enterprise hunting the USS Einstein in one of the prelude novels, and the next thing everyone knew, here cometh the Borg, boiling out of the Azure Nebula and spreading to all points on the compass. There likely wasn't enough time to grab all the cadets and planetside or starbase personnel and load them ad-hoc onto whatever starships could be pressed into service on such short notice. The impression I was under was that everyone within interception range of the Borg was being recalled with new orders. There likely wasn't enough time to, say, warm up all the ships cooling out at the Qualor 2 depot and staff 'em with cadets and other personnel not already assigned to an active-duty starship.

    (3) There was almost certainly a Federation-wide warning that the Borg were coming. People on Earth seemed to take it in stride according to the books, accepting their destiny (no pun intended)(well, mebbe...) and making those final hours with loved ones count. Other worlds might have gone apeshit. Especially those in which the Borg suddenly appeared without warning or notice, like Deneva, and started laying waste from orbit. By the time the Borg were on close approach to Earth, the citizens had time to digest the news. Additionally, they might very well have thought, hey, Earth's been about to be obliterated on countless occasions in Trek history, they've always pulled a rabbit out of their hat on short notice and saved the day, why should this be any different? And they were right. :)
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