Spoilers Q’s redacted possible future of AGT (Possible ST Picard spoiler)

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    So, as we now know, Romulus exploded, the Neutral Zones seizes to exist, Romulans are scattered throughout the quadrant, Klingons are (so far) nowhere to be seen now that we have caught up with future time frame of AGT.

    Let‘s look at this from an in-universe perspective.
    Q kept Picard‘s illness as an issue.
    But he spoiler tagged the fate of the Romulans for his little test and sneak peek.

    what could his motivations have been for that?
    If he had allowed Picard to see the super nova event aftermath, would Picard have gone on his rescue mission a lot earlier most likely?
    Enabling him to save nearly all of them?
    Preventing Spock from time traveling to the Kelvin-Verse becoming a key figure in the evacuation effort!

    Feel free to discuss plot points of Picard here, if necessary.
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    In the original timeline Data didnt blow up in Nemesis, so he had time to resolve the supernova using a positronic soong supernova deflector inversion converter beam directly into the sun. Then he retired and put that streak of gray in his hair.

    Picard telling them about it altered the future and Data blew up in Nemesis so the supernova happened.

    Or how about Dr Crusher resolved the supernova by flying into it with a shuttle like she did in that one episode. But because Picard told her about their divorce in AGT she never married Picard and was off doing other things instead in this timeline.
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    We have no clue if the Romulan Empire collapsed in AGT for the same reason it did in Picard (which was based on ST'09, a story that came out 15 years after AGT).
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    I'm obviously not sure how Irumodic Syndrome is screened for, but it's possible that's something Picard would have learned earlier, rather than later. Crusher does scan him for it in the present in "AGT," so maybe it's like a prostate exam, something that's a part of a regular medical procedure when you reach a certain age.

    I do think Q was careful not to let anything that would actually affect the future be shown. As I've said, the Irumodic Syndrome is something that might have been caught sooner, rather than later, and would be something that Picard couldn't do anything about.

    In effect, his "Anti-Time future" is similar to the "Future Imperfect" future in that it's all made up. He even included the Enterprise-D instead of "spoiling" its destruction a year from the present in "AGT."

    Another way of looking at it is that I don't think Picard was actually sent to the past, but rather an "Anti-Time past" where any of his actions wouldn't change the timeline. The Enterprise diverted from Farpoint, but I don't view it as something that altered the timeline. More like a holodeck simulation or, at the very least, something akin to the Avengers Endgame rules of alternate timelines.
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    I tend to think Q picked what was then the most likely future scenario from the infinite possibilities for "All Good Things". Of course Picard immediatly made sure events started changing at the end when he told everyone about their futures and events unfolded differently.

    Romulus is mentioned in AGT, so presumably Spock made it in time in that reality. It's probably very very cold there, though since they're orbiting a black hole now:eek:
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    Nobody can prevent Q from posing as DTI agent.....:D
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    Picard already had the illness even before AGT. He just wasn't aware he had it until then. So his illness had nothing to do with Q.

    In AGT, the Romulan homeworld suffered a plague, and eventually the Klingons took over their space. That is not even close to a spoiler about a star going supernova and destroying Romulus.
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    The whole concept of a "possible future," when the scope of those possibilities is infinite, is pretty much useless anyway.

    The AGT "future" was nothing more than yet another Q fantasy scenario.
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    It's supposed to be the real future. The bits in the story about Riker and Worf dont work if it's just a Q fantasy, or the talk about sharing knowledge of future events.
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    There's always a bit of ambiguity on whether the pasts, futures and other worlds Q creates are real or just elaborate constructs. So it's difficult to say.

    But the potential, "bad" future shown earlier installment in a long running franchise arguably being "less horrible" than the "actual" future later installments portray is a problem that crops up every now and then, especially in Super Hero comics.