"Primal" (season one)

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    Genndy's show is already out. You can watch the first episode on Adult Swim for free:


    Enjoyed it, but it has faults, namely the lack of any family interaction prior to the attack and the boring and unmemorable score by Tyler Bates and Higginbottom, who helped ruin the scoring of the final season "Samurai Jack".
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    "River of Snakes" (episode two)

    "Spear" (which I'll call the lead) and "Fang" find their "friendship" is going to be more difficult then realized when food comes between then.

    Got a lot of what I expect from "Samurai Jack", including a slow-mo' shot and a familiar sound effect. Has two or three humorous moments in it, but nothing to laugh out of loud about (it's not that kind of show).

    As usual, the score is unremarkable by Tyler and Higginbottom; it even made an action scene slow down. How I miss James L. Venable! I was imagining what score from SJ I'd track over the episode.

    "A Cold Death" (episode three)

    In the brutal primal world where not only is there no such thing as a grocery store or growing your own food, it's hunt or be hunted, and even the innocent have to die in order for our heroes to survive. But that doesn't mean actions are without consequence.

    A good episode yet once again not helped by Bates/Higginbottom.
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    Huge Samurai jack fan so I was looking forward to this.

    I was not disappointed, great show.
    I binged this yesterday (but somehow managed to skip over the 'cold death" ep) and loved it.

    I like the relationship between Spear and Fang.
    I don't think not seeing Spear with family before the events of the first episode lessened the story in any way.

    Fangs reaction to the worm at the river and Spears reaction to Fang is hilarious.

    Much like Samurai Jack a lot happens without any dialog and the emotional impact is just as moving.

    Looking forward to more of this.
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    Is there more to this than just a bunch of overly graphic, gory fight scenes? That's all the trailers seemed to show, and I really need more than that to be interested in a show.