NFL 2024: Chiefs Kingdom Targets a Three-Peat

Bill Belichick, age 72, just went public with his 24 year old girlfriend.
I have a 42 year age difference between me and my daughter. This is a 52 year age difference. I feel really dirty just reading about this and fell that no amount of showering will wash the existential grime off of me. That guy... Wow...
Kansas lawmakers approve plan to lure Chiefs and Royals from Missouri

I'm 54 and one of my friends happens to be half my age at 27. She and I met ten years ago when she was 17 and I was 44 when we both did volunteer work at a local retirement/nursing home. We usually worked together once or twice a week, schedule permitting, for three years, before life took us in different directions. We enjoyed each other's company and she would needle me about how old and out of touch I was, and I would reciprocate, telling her stories about what things were like when I was growing up and her age. There was never anything remotely sexual about it, I just thought of her as another niece who is the same age as my real niece. We're still friends on Facebook and we exchange Christmas and Birthday greetings every year.
Which is fine, nobody's saying there's anything wrong with being friends with people where there's a big age difference. Growing up, I didn't relate very well to kids my own age, I made friends more easily with my teachers and with older folks (like my grandparents' age, so you're talking about a 50-year age gap).

It's when people with a large age gap start banging that others start raising eyebrows or making gagging noises. Is that a double standard? Absolutely. But for whatever reason, it's how our society is wired.
The whole Belichick relationship is just tabloid fodder. At the end of the day, I don't understand it, but whatever.
A jury in U.S. District Court ruled Thursday that the NFL violated antitrust laws in distributing out-of-market Sunday afternoon games on a premium subscription service and has awarded more than $4.7 billion in damages.

It'll take a while for the all the appeals by the NFL before this is done. Doesn't hurt my feelings a bit if the NFL gets a nice kick in the ass.

I’ve had the NFL Sunday Ticket for a long time. It was worth it to me because I don’t live in my team’s TV market.

I wonder how much I’m due?