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    It's with some sadness that I have to announce that, as of today, T'Bonz will be replacing Lisa to head the Trek BBS.

    Lisa has been extremely important for the Trek BBS, and so it was quite an unpleasant surprise when she decided this Summer that she wanted to retire from the board to focus on other aspects of her life. But Lisa has been here for an incredible amount of time, and it's safe to say that if she hadn't agreed to take over from me when I was no longer able to handle day-to-day business, the Trek BBS wouldn't even be here anymore, so I owe Lisa a great debt of gratitude. I'll certainly miss her.

    In the Briefing Room, we've known about this for a while, but we decided to wait with announcing Lisa's departure until we found a good replacement for her. I'm happy to say that we have: from today on, T'Bonz will be taking over from Lisa as the point woman for the Trek BBS. Like Lisa, the Bonz will be in charge of finding new moderators and people for the admin rotation, updating the rules if necessary, handling daily headache situations, and member email questions. Charles Capps will continue to be the board's technical wizard, and will provide nuggets of wisdom, advice and counsel to T'Bonz, which is also what I'll be doing, and I'm sure everyone who frequents QSF.

    I'm very glad that T'Bonz agreed to take over from Lisa, and I'm sure she'll do a great job. Should you wish to congratulate her, or ask questions about this, you can do so in this QSF thread.