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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ant, Jun 18, 2020.

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    Jun 18, 2020
    Hey Guys!

    Hope everyone is doing ok in these strange times!

    I'm currently the process of setting up a Fan Fiction directory site where people can rate and review the various different fan fictions that are listed. This is where I need some assistance!

    Do any of you have a fan fiction series that you would like to be listed when I go live? If so, please drop me a message!

    As well as a directory for fan fiction series, I'm also starting another little project that will also be available on the site - does anyone here remember a fan fiction group from the early 2000's called Millennium Pictures? I used to be a member of this brilliant group of people way back when - other members included Chris Adamek and his brilliant series Star Trek: The Final Frontier and Jon Wasik and his series Star Trek: Dragon to name a couple.

    Sadly, most of the old sites and stories are no longer available on the web but I'm going to try and restore them back to their former glory using the internet archive and files I have saved on an old HDD from back in the day. I want to do this so that these brilliant series can be read and enjoyed by a new generation - this is some serious old school fan fiction!!

    If you're interested in having your site listed when I go live, let me know (it won't cost anything!)

    Take Care