NASCAR + Star Trek: Flyover

Tiberius Jim

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Hey all! It's been ages since I posted here as most of my art and design work has been for my sim racing hobby. But I found a way to merge my two main interests in the form of a "what if?" situation: the Enterprise-D performing a pre-race flyover at a NASCAR event. Sure, seeing a squadron of fighter jets or a stealth bomber fly overhead to kick off a race is cool, but...imagine how impressive a Galaxy-class starship would be. I think this is the final version of this concept I'll create (you can find my previous attempts on my channel) unless I learn some groundbreaking new skills in Blender.

Rendered in Blender
Edited and post-processed in Cyberlink PowerDirector 365
Enterprise-D model by A. Klemm
Daytona Superspeedway model by Dynamic Games
Stock car models by Full Circle Racing Designs
Stock car paint schemes by Ken Squires and myself
Star Trek: The Next Generation theme by Paramount/CBS Studios
Hearing the TNG theme coming from speakers like that was a really good touch!
Thanks! That was actually a suggestion given on one of my WIP versions. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but neither does anything else about this whole thing so I went with it. :lol:
Haha this is great work! :D I love the different ideas for shots, such as just seeing the shadow or reflection of the ship, which keeps things varied and interesting throughout the animation.
Ooh, I love this! Some of the shots are are super inspired and I would have loved to see stuff like that on the actual show.

These sequences are my favorites, especially the one where it dips into the atmosphere …



Thanks! My goal was to not fully show the ship until its big reveal as it performs its flyover, so you don't see it in full detail until that happens. Then the long shot of it flying into orbit from the surface was meant to be the "grand finale" It was a lot of fun to try and take the ideas I had and figure out how to implement them in the animation.