Most moving Trek movie moments...

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    What moment in any of the TOS and TNG movies excited or moved you in some way? For me, I was only 4 when TMP was released so I can't say much about it, but I can say...and this is going to sound silly, but I remember seeing a bone in a chicken that my father was eating that looked just like the Enterprise, so I would played with the bone until my mom made me throw it away. In TWOK the most moving moment was, or course, when Spock died. Cried like a child...which I was at the time. In TSFS, the moment was when David was killed. The next one was in TUC at the end when Chekov says "so this is goodbye." The next moment for me was in Generations when I saw the name Patrick Stewart on the big screen and I was so EXCITED! Then came First Contact. Funny enough it wasn't a moment in the movie, but it was during the Paramount signature during at the beginning and you hear the good old Jerry Goldsmith theme hit with a Borgish undertone. I was on the edge of my seat. After that, the most moving moments were when Data and LaForge looked at each other before Data when superman on us to save Picard, and then the Picard and Riker exchange saying "serving with you, has been an honour..." At that moment, I knew it was all over...
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    1. Seeing the Enterprise for the first time following her refit.
    2. V'Ger's disappearance, seeing the Enterprise emerge over Earth, and hearing Jerry Goldsmith's theme swell.
    3. Seeing the Enterprise enter warp at the end of The Motion Picture.
    4. Kirk and Spock's conversation in the latter's quarters during The Wrath of Khan.
    5. Spock's death and memorial service.
    6. The destruction of the Enterprise above Genesis.
    7. The destruction of the Genesis planet, particularly the moments before Kirk and Spock are beamed off the planet. The sunrise amidst the planet's destruction is particularly moving.
    8. Spock's rebirth on Vulcan - "Jim. Your name is Jim."
    9. Kirk's punishment for insubordination - his demotion to captain, and a return to the command of a starship.
    10. The flyover of the shuttle-pod carrying Kirk and company to their new ship, only to discover that the vessel waiting for them is none other than the USS Enterprise - "My friends, we've come home."
    11. General Korrd's presentation of his vessel's new gunner, and the discovery that it's actually Spock.
    12. The final shot of the Enterprise bridge in The Undiscovered Country, and Kirk's final log entry.
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    TMP: Kirk's reveal from the skybus.

    TWOK: Kirk and Carol's conversation on Regula.

    TWOK: Kirk looks over to Spock's station and notices he's gone.

    TWOK: Kirk hugging David

    TSFS: Bones talking to unconscious Spock on the Bird of Prey

    TVH: Spock to Sarek: "Tell (Mother) I feel fine."

    TFF: The entire "brainwashing" scene, especially Bones euthanizing his father, and Sarek's response to Spock's birth. "So Human."

    TUC: I can't think of one.

    There are probably others, but I don't want to monopolize this.
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    Kirk's reaction to David's death is one of the better acting moments Shatner had in the Trek-movies.

    The scene with McCoy and his father in TFF is really good.

    And of course the birth of Jim Kirk-sequence in Star Trek.
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    In fact, the "missed the chair" moment came about because Shatner tripped during a previous take. It turned out that Leonard Nimoy thought it added to the scene, so they wrote it into the script.
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    King Daniel Beyond
    My most moving moment has to be George Kirk's kamikaze run at the start of Star Trek XI, as his son is born. MAJOR lump in throat.

    Good old Chekov never quite got the hang of it:)
  7. doubleohfive

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    Obviously, Spock's death scene with Kirk on the other side of the plexiglass is up there.

    Geordi seeing the sunrise in Insurrection.

    Data being reunited with Spot.

    Geordi forgiving Data for panicking (thereby letting Soran kidnap and torture Geordi).

    Data calling to Picard as the crew abandons the Enterprise-E, and Picard's subsequent conversation with Lily.

    George Kirk's last conversation with his wife as they name their newborn son.

    Kirk destroying the Enterprise and then watching it's wreck crashing through the sky; his conversation with McCoy about "turning death in to a fighting chance to live."

    Kirk's final log entry at the end of Star Trek VI.

    Chekov telling Kirk and Spock that the "nuclear wessel" is the Enterprise (aircraft carrier).

    McCoy reliving euthanizing his father
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    These are great too.
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    One moment that is moving in a negative way: the transporter accident in TMP.
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    For me it's definitely in TSFS, Kirks' reaction to Davids' death. Gets me every time.
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    I always liked Kirk near the end of TUC, having come full circle regarding his son's death and his relations with the Klingons, telling Azetbur: "People can be very frightened of change"; it also felt like I was really watching KIRK for the first time in a few films, instead of SHATNER.
  12. Joker

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    Am I the only one who was never moved one way or the other by any Star Trek movie?

    They were just decent movies... not good enough to make me care about any of it.
  13. Jerikka Dawn

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    I think really the only thing I can think of is Spock's death and Kirk's eulogy at Spock's funeral in TWOK.
  14. SmoothieX

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    Jul 12, 2004
    ^I could not watch that scene as a kid without losing it. I've watched it a million times and it still nearly does.
  15. Caligula

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    1. Spock's death and subsequent funeral. Nothing else even touches this.
    2. David's death. More specifically, Kirk's reaction to David's death. William Shatner's finest moment as an actor.
    3. The death of the Enterprise. No list of moving Trek movie moments would be complete without this.
    4. The score for the TWOK end credits/TSFS opening credits. There's an awful lot of emotion in that music. Kudos, James Horner.
    5. Enterprise-A flying off into the sunset, so to speak, followed by the main cast's signatures. Truly the end of an era, certain characters' appearances in Star Trek: Generations notwithstanding.
    6. Geordi seeing a sunset with his own eyes for the first time.
    7. The "rebirth" of the Enterprise with the reveal of the Enterprise-A. "My friends, we've come home."
  16. Revolution

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    Oct 7, 2012
    The most moving moment for me is the Enterprise in flames crashing down over the Genesis plant. "My god Bones, what have I done?"- is that the quote? Haven't watched it for a while. Spock was really emotional too, but we all guessed he'd be back, whereas the Enterprise destruction is the real loss.