Melvin Belli's Gorgon foreshadows Trump?

Discussion in 'Star Trek - The Original & Animated Series' started by gottacook, Oct 14, 2016.

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  1. gottacook

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    Apr 27, 2005
    Here's a thought I had while replying to someone else's comment at AV Club, in a thread about Law & Order SVU filming a script about a Trump-like character:

    The third-season episode "And the Children Shall Lead" - which I may have seen first-run; I don't recall exactly - features a nasty alien embodied by Melvin Belli (who is nameless, although Kirk for some reason calls him "the Gorgon" when requesting playback of the tape of the chant summoning him).

    Like Trump, the Gorgon is intent on fomenting paranoia as a means to power, first among the adults of the colony (although we only have Starnes' log tapes as evidence) and later among the bridge officers of the Enterprise.

    Moreover, as his evil nature rises to the surface of his face, he gets visibly uglier. Likewise Trump; have you seen photos of him today (the West Palm Beach appearance)? Frightful.

    I can imagine Trump leaving the scene in a few weeks by emulating the Gorgon's words as he's finally rendered ineffectual: "Death to you all! Death to you all! Death to you all! Death to you all..."

    Of course the script is shoddy and doesn't bear closer analysis, but perhaps the writer was able to foretell a certain would-be leader of the distant year 2016.
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  2. Spock's Barber

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    I guess Hillary was the left witch in 'Catspaw' :ack:
  3. Warp Core Breach

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    You're overthinking it, it was a lawyer in a green shower curtain. Oooooh, scary.
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    Eh. Not interested in politics in the TOS forum. Skip.
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