Make your own "Go to Warp" command

Hmmm. after much thought, I'd make it neo-Shakespearian in length... something like:

"Break it down, wuh-woh woah-woah-wo-ah-oh!"

Okay, that would be a tad lengthy if the Borg stopped by, so it'll just be faster to say "Hammer time!" :devil:
Let'ssssss Gooooooooooooooo!!!!!
(With, you know, all the enthusiasm—and volume—of a 12 year-old Little Leaguer who just hit that two-run double that put his team back in the game.)
Honestly, I'm sick of the "every Captain has their own way of ordering warp" gag. It's contrived and it got old REALLY fast.

If they ever do that kind of thing again, I'd rather they just discovered it organically through the scripting and the actor's performance instead of feeling the need to give every single commander their own catchphrase for a super common order.