Levitating Magnet

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    Although just a small amount can be levitate, up to 500g, coupled with the ability to send the magnet around a track using dry ice could be a new way to get things moving.

    Basically the first base would raise and lower the magnet to the Quantum Levitating track where it is then propelled around the track using spring force to set it in motion.

    At point B the magnet is lowered into a bay using the reverse process that elevated the magnet at the first base.
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    Who's on first?
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    you do know there are things called maglev trains, right? this is not something new.
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    Yep - been around for ... decades actually!
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    Yea its old but It's pretty cool tho
    Superconductors at room temperature are the unicorn we strive for.
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    Anti-gravity is the unicorn. Room-temp superconductors are the zebras
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