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    Apr 4, 2001
    First episode was a little heavy on the exposition, with a lot of telling-not-showing to fill us in on what happened during the six-month time jump. Still, there was some good stuff here, including probably the best visual realization of the Phantom Zone I've ever seen. I didn't even recognize Daron at first, and his sudden death was suitably shocking. Surprised to see Lyta apparently all in with General Zod's campaign, though she still shows glimpses of her familiar compassion and character. And between Adam and Lobo, there seems to be an effort to lighten up a bit compared to last season. ("First of all, I'm fully cocked!" :lol:)

    Not the best episode of Krypton, but I'm glad to have it back, and now that we're caught up on the events of the intervening months, the story will hopefully flow a little more smoothly going forward.
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    The problem with shows like this is that the layoff is so long, you forget what happened the first time you watched, if you don't have time to watch again.
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    Crossposting my review from the DCU community:
    "Light Years From Home" wasn't at all the premiere episode I was expecting, as I thought we would pick up the story almost immediately after the Coda of "The Phantom Zone" and that Season 2's "mega arc" would be as tightly focused on the fight to stop Zod as Season 1's arc was on trying to stop Brainiac, with there being a buildup to Adam escaping "bottled Earth" and Seg escaping the Phantom Zone, but that's not at all what we got and so now I have no real idea of what to expect.

    Given how much time we spent with Dru-Zod in Season 1, it's hard not to root for him a little bit even as he subjugates his own people and literally brainwashes them into compliance, which is an interesting place to be in with a character who's not only clearly intended to be the season's Big Bad, but also a direct analogue to certain current political figures.

    We're also in that same boat with Lyta, who has done a complete 180 from the character we got to know in Season 1 but still remains someone we as an audience can't help but root for even as she does terrible things.

    Something that kept bugging me throughout the episode was that I didn't recall Sela-Sonn/Jax-Ur having a mechanical eye during Season 1 and so I kept waiting for the show to explain itself in that regard and it never did (congrats to Hannah Waddingham, BTW, on the promotion to Series Regular). I also spent a good chunk of the episode waiting for Dev, Kem, and Jayna to show up (since their actors were credited as Series Regulars) and they never did.

    I touched on how the episode as a whole wasn't what I was expecting, but I want to drill down on a few specific "bullet point" things that I definitely wasn't expecting:
    * I don't quite know what I thought the show's interpretation of the Phantom Zone was going to be, but what we ended up getting wasn't even close to any depiction of the location that I've ever heard of or seen before

    * I wasn't expecting the forest place that we saw in the trailers to be Colu, and I certainly wasn't expecting Brainiac's current body to get its head smashed to a pulp by Seg

    * I hadn't been all that impressed with the glimpses of Lobo that we got from the trailers, but my impression of him changed unexpectedly when he showed up in the episode itself, and I wish we'd seen more of him, especially knowing that the producers and the SyFy network itself feel confident enough in his portrayal to start developing a spinoff for him

    Given that I have no idea where the story is headed, I can't wait for the rest of Season 2 to unfold, because if Episode 1 is a true herald of things to come, we're going to be in for quite a ride and Wednesdays can't come quickly enough.
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    Anyone else think Seg killed Brainiac too easily? This was the great villain from season one. Now apparently Zod is the villain who seems to be a specist, pro-Kryptonian, anti-all else, a fictional allusion to Trump, or right-wing authoritarian leaders, perhaps? Will this season be overtly political? Empire vs. resistance? No more Brainiac?
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    Because it happened off-screen, we don't know what really went down. Maybe Seg gets to be Brainiac for a while? Or does the world they're on have a yellow sun and did Seg do a little Kal-el on Brainiac?
  6. Guy Gardener

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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    Zod is not Trump.

    Zod is decisive and effective.

    Trump is a bumbling patsy.
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  7. The Realist

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    Apr 4, 2001
    A superior entry over last week, now that the catchup exposition is out of the way. Some really dark and compelling stuff going on with Lyta. As last season proved repeatedly, this show isn't afraid to take emotional and moral risks with even its more sympathetic and appealing characters. Nice twist with Jayna and her brother, too.

    As I mentioned last week, it does seem like there is an effort to lighten up the show a little at times this season, mainly in the scenes with Seg and Adam on Colu. But those bits sit rather uneasily to me with the more dramatic material back on Krypton. I'm usually not much for the grimdark, but that's where this show's natural strengths tend to lie, and I'm not sure how well the likes of Lobo are mixing with that.
  8. Mr. Adventure

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    Mr. Adventure
    They actually name-checked the triple-fish god. It's not quite the personality I think of with Lobo but I found the last episode didn't drag as much. I kind of fade away when people are just talking in that one alley and that one house so it's been more engaging than that at least.

    BTW, I don't know her name but does that eyepiece prosthetic look extremely uncomfortable or what?

    hmm, Trump not effective...:shifty:
    Either way one leans politically depending on what you think his goals actually are, some might argue that.
  9. Phoenix219

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    Feb 2, 2016
    First episode gave me a major Star Wars vibe for some reason.

    Really dislike this Lobo.

    No way did Brainiac die off s reen that early. Actually, we know this since nothing has happened to change the bad timeline Adam returns from, yet.
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    Zod is more Putin than Trump.
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    I only watched the first episode. It was purely awful. The first season wasn't all awful, but it was mostly bad.

    I will watch episode 2 but if I am bored out of my mind, then this will be one of the very few shows that I have ever dropped after giving it a full season.
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    Lobo is gay or bi.

    He has to Frakk outside of his species to start, so how peculiar is a little boy on boy once in a while?


    Traditionally who is less woke than Lobo?

    If he is suddenly objectifing men, and not women, it's considerably less offensive, and we can laugh?