Justice League 3000

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    So the first issue came out a day or so ago and I've gotten to read it. I think this may be the first physical comic that I actually stick with on a monthly basis (I follow TWD and Injustice digitally). I love it so much, much more than any other cape comic I've read so far. The art can be a bit weird, but in a funny way and I love the story and the way that the "Team" interacts with each other. It is almost a parody of The New 52 JL books. This isn't Elseworlds either, it is within the same universe as the present-day New 52.

    It is worth a read.
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    Thanks for the heads up that this is out. I loved the original Giffen/Dematteis JL. A shame that Kevin MaGuire got fired from the book before the first issue ever saw the light of day.
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    There was something off. I just started looking at the pictures after page 5 thinking if that there was some bailiwick which looks interesting I'll start reading again, but the comic ran out of pages.