Just got a ton of STTNG: CCG cards. need help lol

Discussion in 'Trek Gaming' started by NickelAce, Jul 21, 2010.

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    I have been a member here for over 8 years but have been away for a long long time. Now I am back and I am looking for some help from this great community.

    I recently came back to America for two weeks from China. While home I bought these two boxes on Star Trek The Next Generation: Customizable Card Game cards. I have never played the game (though i played a bit of magic and SW:CCG). Now I am back in China and I want to play it. I would like to build 3 or 4 basic decks (at least one of each species). I have convinced two of my friends to try playing it with me, but right now I can't even build one deck. I don't want my friends to suffer through me learning how to build a basic deck. I want their first games to go smoothly and I want to know what I am talking about.

    I have been searching the web looking for information but I have been coming up a little empty handed. All just copies of what is on Wikipedia or Memory Alpha/beta. Then I remembered StarTrekBBS :)

    I have one box of random starter packs and one box of booster packs from the Premier White boarder set of STTNG:CCG. I think that is almost 1000 cards, so i should have enough for a few decks just to have a little fun right?

    "Help me trek gaming forum, you're my only hope."
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    www.trekcc.org is your friend. Since Decipher, Inc. shut the game down, a hardcore group of fans (and some of the game's designers) with blessings from Decipher have created a fan community that continues to support the game. New virtual releases are out for both first and second edition and there is an international tournament structure.