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    Ok If I were to make my Superman film...

    This was a rushed job works for me. :lol: I am sure none of you will like this. :guffaw:
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    Apart from being an amalgamation of the Donner films... what is Supes' emotional journey? In what way does he change? By the end, what has he learned? What are the themes?

    In short, how is this a story, rather than a visual checklist of traditional Supes elements?
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    Um...His Kryptonian history leads him to not repeat the mistakes of his ancestors and being raised by the be a true altruist...with truth & justice coming from his Kryptonian heritage.

    I believe Jor El & Lara want him to be a leader & protector of Earth...which they have vast knowledge of human history...and lead humanity in a new era of Truth, Justice & Altruism.

    [edit] In once sense he lets people close to him down by not revealing his true identity to protect them...and at the same time knows by protecting them he is doing the right thing...If Lois knows everything...then the stakes are raised and I am not sure how it would play out but Superman has to know sacrifice is part of the journey because his parents sacrificed much to try to stop Zod & Brainiac and then send their son to a savage world.
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    Perhaps this is unique to your story (though possibly it's true of other interpretations as well), but I don't think Supes' parents ever wanted him to be a leader of humanity. A role model perhaps, but not someone who actively guided Earth's affairs.
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    ^IIRC, Superman has typically avoided getting directly involved in human affairs.
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    "You need to vote on this proposition for public school funding... or else I'll go back in time and prevent you from being born!"
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    @ DonIago
    I kinda like SMALLVILLE'S account that the El's visited earth before and saw promise a Kryptonian with core values and humanities strong points(additional values) the Kent's could bring. Sunday Roast & Church. :p

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    Not so much. :lol:
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    I don't think that Jetfire is meaning a political leader on Earth...I'm guessing more of the role he has in the comics where Superman is looked up to and thought of as a role model by those he's pledged to protect. It seems as a rough check list your film would concentrate on more action than emotional and character context which is fine but you've got to find a way to balance all three of those elements I think in order to tell a good Superman movie. I've been working on and off on my own take on a Superman opus called "Superman Above and Beyond" where it focuses on elements from his past, present, and far future. Just as an aside and if Jetfire doesn't mind here is my cast list for "my" Superman film.

    Clark Kent/Superman: Brandon Routh
    Lois Lane: Zooey Deschanel
    Jimmy Olsen: Sam Huntington
    Lex Luthor: Alan Dale
    Perry White: Frank Langella
    Martha Kent: Eva Marie Saint
    General Zod: Mathew Bomer
    Voice of Jor-El: Sir Anthony Hopkins
    Voice of Brainiac: Peter Gallager
    Mercy: Blake Lively
    Hope: Sophia Bush
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    I am feeling you AY and you are correct about Superman's role.

    (My Horrible Photomanip)

    Christian Howard is great as Ken in that Street Fighter short and I would think he can pull off Superman. :bolian:


    Or Mariska Hargitay. Image :bolian:
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