has a Trekkie ever directed a Star Trek film before?

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by Khan 2.0, Jun 15, 2014.

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    earth...but when?...spock?
    R Wise - was a highly respected director but most certainly wont have been a fan of the show/trekkie (think I read somewhere his wife had to tell him to make sure Spock was included in the movie)

    N Meyer - hardly knew what Trek was about before he got the job. most certainly NOT a trekkie

    Nimoy - cmon, you think the guys actually in Trek are fans?:lol:

    Shatner - see above

    Carson - doubt he was a huge fan (don't remember reading interviews with him around the time saying he was a huge fan or anything)

    Frakes - see Nimoy/Shatner (& I don't think Frakes was a trekkie prior to TNG either)

    Baird - didn't even know who the characters were!

    JJ - publically stated he wasn't a fan (more a Star Wars/Twilight Zone fan)

    so basically with Orci this will be the first time a full on bone fide TREKKIE will be directing a Trek movie...im kind of excited! imagining a lot of callbacks/nods/references/easter eggs, plus maybe Patrick Stewart and TNG (flashback? flash forward?), Shatner (the holo scene Orci wrote for ST09)
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    I picture the end scene of TMP, but instead of Decker and Kirk, it's between Orci (in uniform) and Abrams (dressed as Han Solo):

    "JJ, I want this. As much as you wanted Star Wars, I want this!"
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    Thing is, big SW fan? Sure bring it on, you get it. The history, the canon, the need to create new within the rich history of the old. I think we got that, and I think SW is going to get that too.
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    No Trekkie may have ever directed a film, but a couple of Trekkies have written (assuming they consider themselves Trekkies....they certainly considered themselves fans at the very least).

    Ronald D. Moore (Generations, First Contact, and I believe Insurrection), and John Logan (Nemesis).
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    May 28, 2001
    Insurrection was a Michael Piller joint.
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    And Piller was pretty much more like Nick Meyer in a sense, not knowing too much about Trek prior to being hired for TNG.
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    Oct 8, 2013
    Been quite a while since I watched Insurrection...thanks for the clarification. :)
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    That mental image has had me chuckling for the last day or so. I hope Orci doesn't get pissy and curse at the commentors on Trekmovie.com again when they critique his directing. Don't feed the trolls, man...