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Discussion in 'Web Sites/Design' started by Ottens, Feb 3, 2022.

  1. Ray Hardgrit

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    Apr 8, 2021
    That would explain why it looks like Blofeld should be sitting on the captain's chair with a cat.
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  2. Ottens

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    Jul 19, 2005
    Thanks, @Maurice! I'm gonna correct those right away.
  3. Shikarnov

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    Nov 2, 2001
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    I love this site. Thank you. Brings back so many memories... Pedro's Shiporama, and Sector 001 were regular visits of mine. I miss those days of web design too -- when people really tried to create Trek-like interfaces for their builds...

    Alas, my old site is still not restored by the various Geocities archivists. And the Internet Archive has only my splash page paying tribute to DeForest Kelley's passing. (sigh).
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  4. Maurice

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    Why include a link that goes nowhere?

    And, yeah, the Wayback Machine sometimes only superficially crawls pages like yours (link).