First season as short as today's seasons

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    Apr 18, 2019
    S1 had only 15 episodes - does anyone know why?
    VOY was 20 years ahead of its time! XD
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    In fact, the episodes "Projections", "Elogium", "Twisted" and "The 37's" were filmed as season 1 episodes and were supposed to be season 1 episodes. The Stardates are actually season 1 Stardates which means that they take place in 2371 while season 2 is supposed to take place in 2372.

    But in the US, they were aired as season 2 episodes due to a late start of the series. I think it was because of som writers strike, please correct me if I'm wrong here.

    In most European countries, these four episodes were aired as season 1 episodes.
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    Dec 19, 2011
    No, UPN just decided to save the 4 episodes for Fall 1995. Apparently the producers didn’t even know until very late.
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    I assumed it was a mid-season replacement, or rather the equivalent thereof, since the show premiered in January 1995 - which would be the start of the second half of a typical 1994-1995 season from any other network, and UPN was newly launched.
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    DS9 was also launched in January, and it had 20 episodes in Season 1.
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    Great point!

    Also, "drat!" because it deserved six more episodes and I can't think of any other reasons from out here in la-la peanut gallery land. :(
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    Tomswift2002 is correct on both counts.

    UPN also did it to 4 season two episodes, which is why only 22 episodes were produced for season 3. It's ultimately why VOYAGER had 4 less episodes than DS9.

    (In all honesty, this might have actually helped VOYAGER for season 4, because season 3 was VERY middling with the exception of the first 6 and the last 5 produced episodes. Having it cut short a bit, I think it gave the writers some additional time to rethink their strategies, come back a bit more refreshed, and give us such an excellent season 4. This is, of course, my opinion, and many may not feel this way, but I always felt the two weakest seasons of VOYAGER were 3 and 7.)
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    I was just lamenting to my parents the short seasons nowadays, compared to years past, when they noticed it. 20 seems to be a good round number in my mind. PIC only having 10 episodes definitely felt like a rushed arc for instance.
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    I hate the reorganised schedule. VHS in the UK had the proper order, and the rearrangement was just a UPN thing to get a head start in the US. But that amended order has crept into Netflix and other formats. It should have been restored.

    The 37s watch it as a season finale... it makes so much more sense. Everyone commits to continuing the journey.
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    Completely agreed. "THE 37's" works far better as a season finale than a season premiere, something I've always maintained.

    I clearly remember back when it all first aired... the trailer for "LEARNING CURVE" was not even promoted as a 'season finale'. They just aired it, and did repeats afterward. Back when I would tape each new episode, this always angered me because for months, I would start to record an episode only to find I already recorded it due to it being a repeat.

    At least with "BASICS, PART I", UPN billed it as a 'season finale'.

    I also always felt season 1 would be rated overall a little better if you keep the produced episodes there... at least, "PROJECTIONS" and "THE 37's" would do this.

    Strangely enough, the opposite occurs with the season 2 holdovers. Except for "SACRED GROUND", they weren't that great. "BASICS, PART II" at least finally ended the Kazon on the show, and "FLASHBACK", while a decent idea, just wasn't as good as it could have been. (Though comparing it to the superb DS9 tribute is already unfair because it was such a phenomenal 30th Anniversary special.) And the less said about the travesty of "FALSE PROFITS", the better. Putting those in with their produced season, I feel it lowers season 2 overall.
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    I remember reading about the January start date... there were questions about whether they'd hit it, when their original choice for captain proved to be... well, miscast.

    Luckily, their alternate choice was not.