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    I am not sure if this has been created before, but I was describing some favorite episodes to my wife the other day and it dawned on me there was a common theme with some of them. The writer of the episode.

    The franchise has had some really great, talented writers and producers. Without them, we wouldn't have enjoyed the almost 750 episodes, and counting, that have been produced.

    I know some of you have to have favorite writers, or maybe a single favorite.

    D.C. Fontana, Michael Piller, and Ira Steven Behr, I give a lot of credit to them for helping mold a huge chunk of the franchise.

    Me personally? Two of them are Joe Menosky and Peter Allan Fields.

    Peter's episodes were always emotional rides, and they often ended with emotional self-reflections... "Can you trust me the same way?", "Do I still hate all Cardassians?", "Will they look at me the same way again?", "I will always remember them." ("NECESSARY EVIL", "DUET", "BLOOD OATH", "The Inner Light".)

    Joe's episodes were always rooted in some kind of mythology, and would usually turn it on its head. Mythology has always been a favorite subject of mine, and one of the reasons is that it has done more to inspire and create the world than possibly any other singular thing. "Darmok", "BLINK OF AN EYE", "MUSE"... all excellent ways to use mythology in a story. His episodes with Brannon Braga were always superb, too. They did make a great writing duo. "FUTURE'S END", "SCORPION", "YEAR OF HELL", "TIMELESS", "EQUINOX"... I think Joe helped ground the high concept ideas of Braga.

    Who are your favorites, and why?
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    Yeah, Menosky is good. Brannon Braga wrote/co-wrote a lot of good ones.
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    Well, they are reunited for this season of THE ORVILLE. I wonder if they will pair up for an episode or two.
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    Hell, I'll play:

    • Harlan Ellison
    • Theodore Sturgeon
    • D.C. Fontana
    • Samuel Peeples
    • Jerome Bixby
    • Norman Spinrad
    • Tracey Torme
    • Melissa Snodgrass
    • Ronald D. Moore
    • Michael Pillar
    • René Echevarria
    • Ira Steven Behr
    • Jeri Taylor
    • Bryan Fuller
    • Brannon Braga
    • Manny Coto
    • Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    • David A. Goodman
    • Ted Sullivan
    • Bo Yeon Kim & Erika Lippoldt
    Short Treks
    • Michael Chabon (also my favorite novelist)