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    Note: With the demise of the monthly contest, I decided to post the unfinished fanfics that I had been working on for that contest...

    This one I started on for the January 2012 contest, which had a theme of Beginnings.

    Star Trek: Dyson Sphere – Sphere!
    Part 1

    Prologue: Discovery
    28 December 2412
    USS Europa NCC 80104
    Captain's log: Stardate 85812.83; We have entered another sector, as we continue to chart this region of the Alpha Quadrant.”
    Captain Jennifer Hale was recording the log entry in her ready room. As soon as she finished the recording, the door chime rang.
    “Enter,” she said. The door opened, revealing her First Officer, Xia Janna.

    “Captain, sensors have picked up a large gravimetric reading half a light year to our starboard,” she said.

    “Intreaguing; alter course to investigate,” the Captain said.

    “Should we make a slipstream jump?” Xia Janna asked, eager to test the drive installed during the Luna-class vessel's most recent refit.

    “No, proceed at warp 6,” the Captain said. 'No need to be in a rush, besides we'll get there soon enough,' she thought.

    “Yes, Captain,” Janna said. She then left the ready room.

    'I wonder what is behind this anomaly,' the Captain thought.

    11 hours later, the Europa approached the source of the gravimetric reading. “We're reading a huge structure,” Austa Beccah, the Europa's Operations officer, said. After a pause she said “It's approximately 2.02 AUs in diameter.”

    'Another of those?' the captain thought.

    “It's a Dyson Sphere,” Beccah continued.

    “Like the object that the Enterprise D found the Jenolen crashed on?” Janna asked.

    “Exactly,” Beccah said.

    “Does it read identically to that Sphere?” the Captain asked.

    “Wait a moment,” Beccah said. She initiated another scan. “No, the materials in the outer hull are different. So is the detailing.”

    “Scan for an opening,” the Captain said.

    “Yes, Captain,” Beccah said.

    “Are you sure you want to do that?” Janna asked.

    “Yes, we need to see if there is life in the Sphere,” the Captain said.

    “Of course,” Janna said.

    After an hour of orbiting the sphere, the Europa detected what appeared to be doors leading into the Sphere.

    “Ok, send a hailing signal, but be prepared for behaviour similar to that of the other Sphere,” the Captain said.

    “Yes, Captain,” Beccah said. She signaled the Sphere.

    Like the other Sphere, the Dyson Sphere's doors opened. However, unlike the other Sphere, there were no tractor beams. The light of the star at the centre of the Sphere shone out through the opening.

    “How wide are the doors?” the Captain asked.

    “The opening and the passage beyond are three kilometres by three kilometres, Captain,” Beccah said.

    “All starship classes would be able to fit,” Janna remarked.

    “Certainly,” Beccah said.

    “Take us in, Mr. Telik,” the Captain ordered.

    “Yes, Captain,” Ensign Telik said.

    The Europa entered the Sphere.

    “The passage is exactly 1000 kilometres long, Captain,” Beccah said.

    “I see, maximum on aft thrusters, Mr. Telik,” the Captain said.

    “Aye, Captain.”

    A few minutes later, the ship emerged from the passage, into the Sphere.

    “Establish an orbit around the Star 1000 kilometres further in, Mr. Telik,” the Captain said.


    “Report, Lieutenant Austa,” the Captain said.

    “Sensors detect an overwhelming array of life, and multitudes of civilisations on almost every level, from Hunter gathering, Mesolithic all the way through to the Fusion Age.”

    “Astounding,” Janna said.

    “Place the passage we entered through on screen,” the Captain said.

    The screen then showed the passage on screen. It was a tower that towered above the atmosphere of the Sphere. “The entry tower reaches far above the atmosphere Captain. The sea level is approximately 50 kilometres above the outer surface of the Sphere. It appears that the Gravity is artificial, it reads as 1 G at the surface, and 0.7 G at the top of the highest mountains in the Sphere nearby. Those mountains are 30 kilometres high. We are detecting other entry towers at 1 million kilometre intervals,” Beccah reported.

    “How wide are the towers?” the Captain asked.

    “Six kilometres by six kilometres,” Beccah said.

    “Great engineering. Reverse course, Mr. Telik, we need to report this to Starfleet.”

    “Yes, Captain.”

    As the ship approached the entry/exit tower they used before, they saw that there was another door on the top of the tower.

    “Send a hail message, Lieutenant,” the Captain said.

    “Yes, Captain,” Beccah said.

    The hail was sent and the door opened.

    Once the ship had exited the Sphere. The Captain asked for a beacon to be launched. “Program it to rest near to the door,” she said.

    “Yes, Captain,” Beccah said.

    “Once that is done, hail Starfleet Command.”

    Chapter 1: Dyson Base Alpha
    21 February 2413
    USS Osirus NCC 130656
    Personal Log, Stardate 85832.12. We're on the approach to the Dyson Sphere, where my new command is located.

    Bridge to Commander Matthews, we have dropped out of warp and are on approach to the Dyson Sphere.”

    “Acknowledged, I will be right there,” Commander John Matthews said.
    A minute later, Matthews emerged onto the Osirus' small bridge. The Sphere filled the viewscreen. “We're about to enter the Sphere, Commander Matthews,” the Osirus commanding officer, Comander Deborah Ollie, said.

    “Thank you,” Matthews said.

    Ollie turned to her Operations Officer. “Signal the Hathor, tell them that we're here,” she said.

    “Aye, Commander.”

    Soon, the Osirus entered the Sphere.

    The Osirus exited the entry corridor. “Hail Dyson Base Alpha,” Commander Ollie said.

    “Confirmed, they say that the landing pad is ready, Captain,” Lieutenant James McKeller said.

    “Take her dowm, Mr. Xan.”

    “Aye, Captain.”

    The Osirus landed on a large landing pad adjacent to one other Isis class ship and four Murrumbidgee class runabouts. The Osirus extended its landing struts as it landed.

    Matthews and Ollie emerged from the turbolift onto the Starboard Landing Strut. “This is a good design. Usually one has to climb down, or beam, to the ground when a Starship lands,” Matthews said.

    “It certainly is. The Isis class may be cramped, but it's designed well,” Ollie said. They headed towards the main entry to the Base.

    Ollie and Matthews entered the Operations Centre of Dyson Base Alpha. “Commander on Deck!” One of the officers in Ops said.

    “At ease,” Matthews said. The officers went back to their duties. “Status report,” Matthews said after a moment.

    The officer who had spoken up before responded. “Lieutenant Commander Delzia Olua, XO, Sir,” she said. “Construction is 75 percent complete. Most of the crew is already here, or enroute to the Sphere. One First Contact has been made in the relative vicinity of the Base, and several other civilisations are under observation.”

    Matthews noticed the Trill spots and recognised the second name. “Olua, that's the Symbiont name isn't it?” he asked.

    “No Comment, Sir,” Olua said, clearly not wanting to confirm her superior officer's suspicions.

    “Another time, then. Could you show me to my quarters?”

    “Absolutely, Sir,” Olua said.

    As Olua lead the way to the turbolift, Ollie said; “I think that was impertinant.”

    “I will look in her file,” Matthews said.

    “You haven't already?” Ollie asked.

    “I have been reading up on the Sphere, and Freeman Dyson's work.”

    “I see,” Ollie said.
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    I don't know why but I could never finish reading that book?
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    The Dyson Sphere book didn't make very good reading. In fact it was one of the poorest Star Trek novels I've read to be completely honest.