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    Since season 7 is over and we are waiting for the 50th aniversary special i was wondering what peoples opinions are on season 7. For me season 7 is my favorite season with smith as the dr because there was so many great episodes and the only real bad episodes was silver nemisis and the rings of akhaten. Some of my favorite episodes is crimson horror, dalek asylum, and of course the name of the dr. So what are your opinions on how season 7 turned out?
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    Silver Nemesis?

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    LOL, it's a popular error. Many mistakenly refer to Nightmare in Silver as Silver Nemesis
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    LOL Sorry i meant to say nightmare in silver
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    1-Asylum of the Daleks- 8.5 - Best Dalek episode since Dalek
    2-Dinosaurs on a Spaceship- 10 - Extremely fun episode
    3-A Town Called Mercy- 9.5 - I'm probably overrating this but I really really love westerns
    4-The Power of Three- 7.5 - Enjoyable episode with a weak ending
    5-The Angels Take Manhattan- 10 - Fantastic
    6-The Snowmen-8
    7-The Bells of Saint John- 8.5 - A great way to open 7B
    8-The Rings of Akhaten- 2 - Terrible, just terrible
    9-Cold War- 5 Boring
    10-Hide- 7 - Took a while to get going but I really liked the second half
    11-Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS- 7 -
    12-The Crimson Horror- 9 - Gatiss finally delivers
    13-Nightmare in Silver- 7 - Not great but I liked it more then others
    14-The Name of the Doctor- 10 - Fantastic finale that really got me exited for the 50th

    Overall a pretty great season with 7a being better then 7b. I have to admit that The Rings of Akhaten/Cold War killed my enthusiasm for awhile and I actually didn't see the rest of the season until after it had finished airing.
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    I love Silver Nemesis.
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    Yea, I enjoy it too. Not sure why it gets so bashed :shrug:
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    Asylum of the Daleks - Best New Who opener
    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - OK
    A Town Called Mercy - Pretty good
    The Power of Three - OK, terrible RTD-esque celebrity cameos and deus ex machina ending though
    The Angels Take Manhattan - Great
    The Snowmen - Only truly good Christmas special
    The Bells of St. John - Very good
    The Rings of Akhaten - Still unsure. It grows on me with every viewing. Starting to REALLY love it.
    Cold War - Fucking awesome, second best episode of the series
    Hide - Good but messy ending
    Journey to the Center of the TARDIS - See above
    The Crimson Horror - Very, very awesome
    Nightmare in Silver - A childish mess and wasted opportunity but still kinda enjoyable
    The Name of The Doctor - One of the best New Who episodes and Moffat's best script since he took over

    The most consistently good New Who series.
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    Wow you guys really liked season 7? I honestly thought this whole season was the worst season of any series ive watched.

    Asylum of the Daleks: was ok

    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: god awlful and waste of time

    A Town Called Mercy: Snorefest

    The Power of Three: Rushed ending that sucked anyway

    The Angels Take Manhattan: Worst way to get rid of Amy an Rory. Really you guys on here could come up with a better story.

    The Snowmen: Was too silly and Doctor could of saved her. Still good.

    The Bells of St. John: rolled my eyes stupid

    The Rings of Akhaten: Someone should of been fired after this one.

    Cold War: ok but ending was weak

    Hide: Another waste

    Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: What could of been but wasn't.

    The Crimson Horror: Weak weak

    Nightmare in Silver: Really liked

    The Name of The Doctor: Ending was good, rest just like the rest of the season, just filler and rushed endings. Nothing you look back on and say wow that was great.

    Ive loved every season up till now and really enjoyed the old show that ive watched. But this show is stale and needs new writers.
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    It was an okay season and I was reeeallly looking forward to JLC starting as the new companion, but I found the slow-as-molasses "investigation," as it were, into just who the impossible girl was, very frustrating. There were a lot of moments of the Doctor befuddled by Clara and musing about who she was, but hardly anything of him actually trying to find to figure her out.

    Overall, I think I enjoyed the Amy/Rory half of 7 more than the latter half with Clara.
  11. Konata Izumi

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    Almost on par with Series 6, includes many great things, if not quite phenomenal like that. Everything feels smoother and easier to watch this series including Matt Smith.

    First half is slightly better, because the second half has a few so-so episodes in Journey and Nightmare, and drops the arc halfway through - The Crimson Horror is a wasted opportunity in terms of Clara.

    Journey is really a good story but is too loud with some gratingly blunt lines. If those were fixed, it might not matter so much that it doesn't go as far with spectacle as it maybe should, now it does as it's not otherwise well-made enough.
  12. M.A.C.O.

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    Asylum of the Daleks: I found it entertaining. However once again the Daleks are rendered comically ineffective. Way better than Moffat's first go with the Daleks. Rating B+

    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Hello Arthur Weasley, I didn't know Rory was also your son. Episode was meh. Name drop the Silurians but don't show them. Rating C

    A Town Called Mercy - Ok so subtle homages to Firefly, and Star Trek's borg. Anything else worth noting? I felt this is when Amy and Rory started to become irrelevant companions and were just tag alongs because they were obligated to be featured in the episodes. Rating C

    The Power of Three: Who cares. Highlight of this episode was seeing the Brigadier's daughter. Matt Smith's era of Who is plagued with last minute dash solutions towards the end of episodes. Rating C-

    The Angels Take Manhattan - Tragic sendoff to the Ponds but I throughly enjoyed this one. Although why doesn't the Doctor just go back in time and rescue Amy and Rory? Yes New York could never survive another paradox but is it too much a stretch for them to cross the bridge into New Jersey? Rating A

    The Snowmen - Did the snowmen actually play a significant role in this episode? I liked the doctor's adventure with Clara and his 18th century friends however. Rating A

    The Bells of St. John - Another rushed ending but a breath of fresh air compared to the drek of the first half of season 7. Rating B+

    The Rings of Akhaten: I'll have another thank you. I feel Matt Smith has amazing potenial as the Doctor but he's stifled by writing. The man is an actor people. Allow him some liberty to create a character. It's why I think season 6 works amazingly and season 5 is just season 1 on repeat. Rating B

    Cold War: *SSSSSsssssSSSS I love the Ice Warriors Rating A+

    Hide: A nice subtle mystery. The monster love story angle and Rose Tyler 10 comparisons I could've done without. Rating B-

    Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: Enjoyed it. Rating A

    The Crimson Horror: Oh Dame Diana Rigg/ Tracy Bond/ Emma Peel/ Olenna Redwyne; I was expecting more. Rating C

    Nightmare in Silver: I see Cybermen have subscribed the the abridged form of assimilation and constant adaptation. Badass. I kept expecting them to say "we will add our biological and technological distinctiveness to our own" line all throughout the episode. I lament that Trek is no longer on TV to give classic villains like the Borg a 21st century makeover like Dr. Who is doing with it's classic villains. Rating A+

    The Name of The Doctor: I liked how Clara's impossibleness is explained. Although it does sort of create a paradox her supposed insertion to all points in the Doctor's life. But oh well Doctor Who has never taken it's time travel mechanics and repercussions 100% seriously. I await with eager expectation to find out who John Hurt is though.
    Rating A
  13. RoJoHen

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    A few things bug me about this season. For one, it really should be two seasons, 7 and 8.

    Season 7a:

    While I enjoyed these episodes for what they were, my main problem with this season was the passage of time and all the stuff we didn't see. The marital problems between Amy and Rory that developed off screen were solved too easily for them to have even mattered. Though it did provide for some good dialogue and tension, it ultimately seemed like a waste of drama.

    Likewise, in "A Town Called Mercy," the Doctor's character development also seemed to happen off screen. Amy confronts him, saying "This is what happens when you travel alone for too long." I feel it would have been a lot more effective if we had actually seen the Doctor traveling alone. He may not always be with Amy and Rory, but in the episode just before we saw him with several other companions, including the frickin Queen of Egypt. I would have loved to see an episode or two in between showing the Doctor truly alone so that we could see his development leading up to Amy saying that line.

    Season 7b:

    I basically spent this whole season wanting to like Clara. And while I think the actress did a great job, the character herself was just kind of blah. She had a few great moments, but I didn't really connect with her the way I have with other companions.

    The mystery surrounding "The Impossible Girl" was pretty lame as well, only showing up when it needed to. You'd think the Doctor would have made a bigger effort to figure out just what was going on with her, but most of the time it seemed like he didn't even care.

    That said, "The Name of the Doctor" was easily one of the best episodes of the entire series. I just hope that future Clara will be a little more exiting. Do we know if she's signed on for Season 8? Might be fun to see her interacting with a different Doctor.
  14. The Mirrorball Man

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    Dec 18, 1999
    Season 7? Probably my favorite third Doctor season. It's Pertwee when he was still trying, UNIT when it hadn't become a farce and a companion, Liz, who is much better than her replacement. "The Silurians" and "Inferno" are fantastic stories, "Spearhead from Space" and "The Ambassadors of Death" are very good too. What's not to like about season 7?
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    Asylum of the Daleks: 6/10: Disappointment, as I thought this was going to be one of Smiths best episodes. Instead what we get is an improvement on Victory of the Daleks, but still not really any competition for any RTD Dalek stories. Okay, maybe Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks, but other than that, far worse. The painful thing is it's a fantastic concept if not one of the best ever, but such poor execution. Oneepisode was nowhere near long enough to do the story justice. Felt too cramped. Maybe it was two parts I might have been more generous, and also, not enough old daleks. Just a load of RTD daleks running around. An improvement over the Moffat ones, but I wanted to see some classic daleks! Plus a lot of the story was about Clara.

    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: 4.5/10: Actually not that bad. After a huge disappointment at the time with the previous episode, I thought to myself "dinosaurs on a spaceship, this is one of the worst ideas ever". Wasn't hateable. Was enjoyable to a degree, but also had some awful elements. The Doctors "gang" which had pretty much nothing to do with the plot at all whatsoever. Just used to fill the cast up really. And when the doctor rode a dinosaur, I thought I'd died and was burning in hell.

    A Town Called Mercy: 2/10: A piece of shit. I knew from the beginning this was going to be bad and I was right. Some really corny elements such as the cowboy music, and was just bad in general. Plus I hate westerns anyway. But this was particular bad.

    The Power of Three: 6.5/10: A nice breath of fresh air. After the soul crushing disappointment of the first three episodes, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Although the concept is utterly retarded (little black boxes for fucks sake, it's like a blue peter competition winner wrote it), it was quite enjoyable. A nice return to RTD style episodes. Plus for once, I didn't want to kill Amy and Rory. Just stab them a few times. :P Plus the doctor was quite amusing.

    The Time of Angels: 8/10: By far Matt Smiths best episode of all time. Entertaining, fun, and just sums up what all of Moffat era episodes should be like. The angels were great.

    The Snowmen: 7/10: I thought this was going to suck (snowmen, come on!), plus The previous Xmas specials have been literally the worst two episodes in doctor who history ever. But this as a pleasant surprise. Plus a new companion, TARDIS, and title sequence to look forward to! Not too shabby, the only thing I didn't like was the bloody detective trio. I hope we've seen the last of them!

    The Bells of Saint John: 7.5/10: Not bad! I was actually quite looking forward to this one as it's almost a new show at that point, and the last few episodes have been good. Was a great episode actually, although the spoon heads were a bit of a silly concept, I quite liked them. They were like a cross between 60s Who and RTD Who. The whole episode itself reminded me of RTDs late run, it was a nice flashback to then.

    The Rings of Akhaten: 1/10: Seriously? How the hell was this even allowed to be green lighted? This is appalling! One of the worst three episodes of all time. It was a fucking musical, Christ! The starting few minutes were great though, a nice flashback to RTDs era. But as soon as that little brat showed up, it went painfully downhill. This will forever be remembered as a shit bomb. How could I actually think the show was staying good forever?

    Cold War: 8/10: An excellent piece of Doctor Who! Perfect way to return the Ice Warriors! Reminded me nicely of "Dalek", probably the best Dalek episode of all time along with Bad Wolf/Parting of Ways and Revelation of the Daleks. One of Smiths best once again. I want to see more Ice Warriors in future!

    Hide: 2.5/10: Bull shit. Was so boring, and the part at the end with the space woman was awful. An awful way to wrap up an awful episode. Was such a snooze fest.

    Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS: 3/10: BORING! What's happened here, have we stepped into shitty episodeville again? Looks like it! When I first saw the new TARDIS in the Snowmen, I liked it a lot. Now I'm beginning to hate it with a passion. Funny as I didn't like Smiths first TARDIS much at the time, but I'm just warming to it. I like the new TARDIS's console and side console, but other than that, terrible. Plus the corridors are awful.

    The Crimson Horror: 3/10: Please no please no more detective trios! This episode was a piece of bullshit, the crimson horror itself was laughable, something eve 80s Doctor Who would have thought twice about. The only good thing was that cute little creature at the end. :P

    Nightmare in Silver: 5.5/10: Not bad! I like the new cybermen, but they do look a little plastic. Plus I'm starting to miss the RTD cybermen. The story itself was okayish, the soldiers reminded me of the ones from Earthshock. But the goal of this one was to make the cybermen scary again, and I feel this episode failed with that big time. Plus a lot of it was just with that cyber planner. Try again!

    Name of the Doctor: 6/10: Not bad. I hated the fact that the detective trio were in it again, but I did love seeing the old doctors again which made it well worth the watch! As for the actual plot, average. Plus Clara's explanation was kinda lame.
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    It wasn't a good season to me, there are some really good moments but for the most part the sesaon mssed the mark for me.
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    While I thought the Ponds overstayed their welcome a bit, and Clara wasn't really used as well as she should have been, I still found myself loving a LOT of the episodes this season:

    Asylum, Town Called Mercy, Power of 3, Manhattan, Snowmen, Bells, Hide, Journey to Centre of Tardis, and Name of the Doctor.

    The only ones that did absolutely nothing for me were Dinosaurs, Cold War, Crimson Horror and Nightmare in Silver (even though I know some people absolutely love them).

    Everything else was kinda in between. Which is frankly about the same ratio of good to bad as every other season of the show.