Doctor's HoloCam

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by swaaye, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. swaaye

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    I've been wanting to share this. The doctor's holocam is rather obviously a R/C car radio. In fact, I used to have that exact radio. It's from the Airtronics Avenger line. It's a low-cost 2 channel ground radio for RC vehicles. Nice and rounded, for the 24th century!

    It was a cool prop, but I giggled cuz it was obviously my RC radio.


  2. Holodeck Addict

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Im currently re-watching Voyager and everytime I see his holocam I can't help but think, damn that's big! :lol: I mean that far into the future you figure It would be small, at least the size of a credit card like some of todays cameras.
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    Since the tech for realistic holograms was new enough in "Encounter at Farpoint" to surprise Riker (2364), I don't mind that a device capable of recording a photorealistic 3D image is not yet credit card-sized when Voyager departs (2371).
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    ^I like this explanation. I too have been wondering why that thingy was so damn big LOL
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    Amazing tune up. The green lights on the side make it so much more real. :lol:
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    But isn't that true of everything?
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    Blinky lights are the real essential in sci-fi. Everything else is fluff. :angel:
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    Keep in mind too that the Doc's holocam had MAJOR capabilities. It didn't just grab a 3D holo-image, but recorded (if memory serves) all kinds of spectrum information when he used it for scenic shots, and micro-cellular details when photographing patients.

    Think back to Latent Image. In order to record that much information about his patients, that little holo-cam had to do some pretty powerful photographing!

    I actually liked seeing that not all tech was credit card sized. Sometimes, you just can't make everything using nano-probes and magic fairy dust! :rommie:
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