Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time VR

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    Didn't see a thread for this, so thought I'd start one. Didn't even know this game was being made or that it was released, just happened to be in the Playstation Store and saw it. Looks pretty damn awesome to me!

    I have to say, just getting to walk around the outside of the Tardis then enter it seamlessly is a huge selling point for this fan.
    You also get to pilot the Tardis to different times / places, use the sonic screwdriver, and encounter the Weeping Angels, and generally just have the Doctor Who experience in VR.

    Definitely picking this up as VR is my preferred method of play these days, though not a lot of top tier games for it. The thing that most impresses me about VR isn't that you can look up or down, and behind's that the game world is at it's proper scale. You don't realize just how much you're not experiencing this until you play VR, especially a game that you played in non-VR, like Skyrim. Walking under an arch or column in non-VR, you don't even register it, in VR, at it's proper's more impressive.

    So to get to walk up to the Tardis in it's proper scale and then experience the whole "bigger on the inside" effect is the thing I'm looking forward to the most. Also getting to fly it, and exit it into a new and different environment. Weeping Angels in VR? Hell yes!
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    It is ok, nothing great, very short, i completed it in just under 2 hours and i was looking at everything, but it does the whole walking out of the Tardis very well on the three locations that you visit, i would love modders to mod it to some kind of procedural generator of planets that you could fly the Tardis to, that would be great.
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