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    I am working on a project and would like to solicit some help. I have seen copies of the blueprints of the Enterprise bridge from The Motion Picture. I have seen some of the dimensions included in a flight manual diagram.

    I am looking for the following dimensions:

    What is the width of the navigation console?

    What is the width of Spock’s science station? The main console when he is seated.

    what is the width of the environmental sub-systems controls station console to the Captain’s right?

    what is the width of the auxillary Systems override console/internal transporter control panel near the front?

    What is the width of the console of Chekov’s weapons and control console? Any other dimensions of this thing are also appreciated as this looks the be the hardest part of my modeling project.

    Lastly, anyone know the dimensions of the main viewscreen?

    Working on a project and just trying to get it as close to accurate as possible.
    I thank any and all for your assistance.
    Live long and prosper.
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    Shouldn't this, also, be in the Art Room?
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