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    "Antivaxxer" used to mean being opposed to all vaccines. More recently it meant someone who was fully vaccinated as a child and had no problem with any traditional vaccine ( measles, etc. ) but simply said no to the covid shot. Now, apparently, it means anyone who criticizes Pfizer in any way. So I suspect a more accurate term here would be "anti-Pfizer".

    If it may be that he meant something else ( since the tweet in question doesn't specifically mention vaccines ), the something else would presumably be that Pfizer is allegedly engaging in gain-of-function research on their own volition. We're basically living in a real life version of the plot of Mission Impossible 2 at this point. Some people are not especially happy about that, but that alone doesn't necessarily make them antivaxxers.
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    I have no problem with complaining that pharma companies put profits above everything else but you have to put his comment in the context of who he was replying to.
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    40s. The 50s were a "Dark Age" for superhero comics with sales taking a nose dive and many titles being canceled or converted to non-superhero stories. DC for some reason fared better with only Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman led titles surviving. Fawcett stopped its comic line in 1953. The declining sales and the lawsuit being the one-two knockout punches.
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    Then you misunderstood.

    The point about Rooker is that he--above the rest of the named actors--has been celebrated for many performances for more than three decades, so if anyone from a GOTG film would be a true acting asset to a DC movie, it is Rooker.
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    You are correct.
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    OK, now I understand.
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    Well, that's a cesspool.
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    James Gunn has put out some tweets implying that he's going to reveal the new WB/DC schedule tomorrow.

    Apparently something is going on today, like a private meeting with press where things will be revealed, and that it'll be revealed to the rest of the world tomorrow.
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    Clearly House Representative Garcia’s threat of a congressional investigation has been effective. :shifty:
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    The Green Lantern series is the only one that immediately grabs me, if only because I've been curious about that whole world and I've only seen and read bits and pieces here and there over they years.

    It's possible the other projects could be of interest for me later on, but on the surface right now, they're all a big shrug.

    I knew it was a long shot, but I was really hoping for a Birds of Prey sequel.
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    The Brave and the Bold? So they are doing their own Batman movie. But I have no interest in Damian Wayne.
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    Hmm... So there's a new "DCU" continuity but a continuation of the old in some ways, at least with Waller?

    Their take on Superman sounds promising, though I'm put off by their haste to contrast him against a more cynical concept like the Authority, and with a "hardcore" take on Supergirl.

    So we finally get Robin in a movie again, but it's Damien, not a version I'm crazy about. Although it sounds like they're actually going to make him a kid.

    We finally get Green Lanterns, but I'm disappointed we don't get to see the cosmic version Berlanti had in mind. An Earthbound version is probably more suited to a TV budget, but it doesn't seem to take full advantage of the potential.

    I'm not sure what to make of the idea of the Amazon prequel series being "Game of Thrones-ish." If that means it's grim, dark, and ultraviolent, I'm not on board. On the other hand, if it means it'll have lots of sex and nudity on an all-female island, then I'm all for it. :D

    That sounds promising. A lot of films are brilliantly made in most respects but have weak scripts because that part of the process tends to be undervalued and subject to directorial whims. (I saw a joke on Twitter yesterday where a director, producer, and screenwriter walk into a bar, the bartender asks for their orders, and the surprised screenwriter asks, "You mean someone actually cares what I want?")
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    So naturally, the big items for me here are Superman: Legacy and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

    The latter announcement is a huge and delightful surprise. We knew a Superman film was coming, but it had never even crossed my mind that there would be a Supergirl movie in Gunn and Safran's initial slate. I recently read the graphic novel, and gushed shamelessly about it in another thread:
    As noted, the book was controversial among Supergirl fans, so I'm sure some will be less than enthusiastic at the prospect of a film adaptation, but personally, I'm over the moon.
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    Nov 7, 2022
    Nothing really majorly exciting or surprising to be honest. If they're going to do 'Woman of Tomorrow' it would have made more sense to do it as a mini-series rather than try to squeeze it into two hours.

    One good thing; 'Superman and Lois' is being allowed to stay until the new movie arrives. Of course, that assumes the CW don't cancel it like they've cancelled everything else.
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    Tons to get excited about here.
    Booster Gold! Swamp Thing movie! Tom King! And actual plan at creating a cohesive universe!

    I'm pumped.
    Though weird that some actors are allowed to continue if they chose but Cavill is a hard no? Not sure what the decision regarding that is. Unless they're THAT mad at Johnson's shenanigans regarding bring him back maybe?
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    Nov 7, 2022
    The decision to get rid of him was made back in 2018. It was only Dwayne's over-flexing that got him that cameo.
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    Much here to look forward to, if it’s all handled well (we’ve been here before admittedly). It looks like this take on Batman will be distinct enough from The Batman to avoid confusion for casual audiences, while the rest is a nice mix of the expected and unexpected. The other behind the scenes names so far bode well and I’m looking forward to seeing who they cast and who they get (or approach) to direct.
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    Maybe because he turned down the cameo in the Peacemaker show and the ones he may keep are AquaMan and the Flash that did make an appearance?
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    I'm loving many of the announcements, and I'm overall really excited for this upcoming slate. Some more specific thoughts:

    Superman: Legacy - This sounds like a Superman movie by someone who genuinely gets the character. Being written by james Gunn, its my absolute favorite announcement that we got.

    The Authority - The worst announcement, easily. Fuck Warren Ellis in general, and fuck this terrible comic concept. Joe Kelly absolutely tore down this team/comic in "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way" (later adapted in the excellent Superman vs The Elite Animated movie), but people seem to have forgotten and brought the team back to prominence. Its actually embarrassing that they're even considering making this in any form. This is a Zack Snyder type project through and through, the only way it could be more Zack Snyder-ish is if Ayn Rand was added to the team.

    The Brave and The Bold - I'm not the biggest Damian Wayne fan, but having a Batman movie that isn't afraid to be a comic book based movie is what I've wanted for literally years at this point, and almost anything is better then more Battfleck or dreary Pattinson stuff. I'm worried that Gunn mentioned Tom King (more on him below), but hopefully Grant Morrison's work is more of an influence.

    Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow - I just have toi say, screw Tom King, he ruins everything he touches and I wouldn't watch anything heavily based off of his stuff if you put a gun to my head. I was interested in seeing Supergirl in The Flash film, but whether this film is with that version or not I'll only watch it if it gets confirmed that the title is the only thing they took from Tom King's work.

    Swamp Thing - I don't care much about the character either way, I think that Charles Soule had the only good run (I don't like Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, at least the parts I read, I blame it for introducing John Constantine into the comics and generally being part of the edgelord comic trend of the time). This could go either way, but I'd be open to watching it

    Creature Commandos - Sounds fun, and I like the premise.

    Waller - Gunn has been amazing at Suicide Squad stuff so far, and I have no reason to doubt him on this, even if its not a show I would have gone for.

    Lanterns - Sounds like the perct GL show, I definitely like this idea better then the one that was getting developed for awhile.

    Paradise Lost - One of the few things I'm not interested in. I HATE Game of Thrones, I hate that its getting copied so much, and I don't want to see that stuff in the context of Wonder Woman's home.

    Booster Gold - This announcement is amazing. Its the perfect idea for a show, and I've thought for years that they should do it, I'm glad its now in the plans.

    Overall there is some great stuff, with a few pieces of garbage thrown in, but its still mostly a positive slate for me, I just hope that it actually gets made.