Cracked: How Star Trek Nemesis Made Tom Hardy A Drug Addict

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    The popular YouTube channel 'Cracked' from time to time likes to make videos taking the piss out of Star Trek. Here is their latest. However are they right? Did working on Star Trek almost destroy Tom Hardy's career and make him a drug addict?

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    I wasn't there personally... it's possible that a movie's reception could drive an actor down... Still, IMDB shows a steady stream of movies and acting requires skills that any amount of booze or snort can curtail... what he should have done is go to a shrink and get prescribed antianxiety and related drugs that would pack on the pounds as a side effect like how all the kids of today get to.

    I'm not sure for all genres, but as sci-fi in general tends to be harder to do because it's rarely got anything to latch on/relate to in the real world, it's riskier. Tom probably did the movie because it was Star Trek and a movie that should have been more prominent since it was billed as being TNG's last therefore it would be BIG. (or was there to be a planned sequel, which fell through because during the making of Nemesis in the editing room that it was realized what a clunker it was?)

    Still, Independent seems to confirm it:

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    Well, this is on, so it must be satirical, right?

    The movie certainly didn't drive him to substance abuse. :rolleyes: The video admits that he was already predisposed toward that kind behavior anyway.

    This reminds me of how people thought that The Dark Knight killed Heath Ledger because of how evil his role was. It's just not correct. :shrug: