couldn't plasma plague be destroyed in a star?

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    I just finished watching the TNG episode "The Child."

    At one point during the episode, Riker tells Data to jettison the plasma plague into space after it is discovered that the pathogens were growing. The scientist accompanying them objects because the results would be "disastrous" if the plague comes into contact with another ship or a planet. This became a moot point when the alien entity left the ship after realizing it was causing the growth.

    However, what surprised me is that nobody mentioned sending the cargo into a star. This made me wonder: was the plasma plague so resilient that it could not be destroyed by such high temperatures? Do stars also produce Eichner radiation? Was the Enterprise too far away from any star? Or was this PIS?
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    Hurling something into a star is too easy of a solution for dramatic purposes.

    That's why in Final Mission, the "hurling into a star" sequence was heightened by having to go through an asteroid field and with a countdown to death.
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    Yes, but they didn't have to tow it all the way there. They just need to tow it to get it up to speed. They could then have let Newtonian physics take over, and for the final stage to get it through the asteriod field, attach the tractor beam again just before the asteriod field. But that would mean no tension.