Conglomeration of antique architecture.

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    I saw the beginning of "Miri" today.

    When they beam down to the planet Dr. McCoy says:

    The site looked like a urban neighborhood in the USA with masonry buildings built in the Victorian era (1837-1901) or in the early 20th century.

    As for Victorian architecture, San Francisco, California is said to have the largest number of Victorian houses in the USA. San Francisco has a land area of 46.91 square miles (121.51 square kilometers) and a population of 881,841.

    The city of Cape May, New Jersey, has a land area of 2.47 square miles (6.41 square kilometers) and a permanent population of 3,422.

    So San Francsco has about 18.99 times the area of Cape May, and about 257.69 times the population.

    Despite those ratios:

    And the older part of Cape May has block after block of Victorian houses, as I remember from many visitis there - certainly any more blocks than in the set used in "Miri".

    And such Victorian houses now attract tourists to San Francisco and Cape May.

    Maybe Dr. McCoy would enjoy the "painted Ladies" Victorian houses of Cape May and San Francisco, if any are still standing in the era of TOS. Maybe McCoy only objects to the more densely packed urban masonry buildings seen in "Miri".

    The city of Philadelphia, PA has a land area of 314.28 square miles (347.78 square kilometers) and so is much larger than San Francisco. Anda signifcant percentage of the city is neighborhoods which were developed after the introduction of streecars in the late 19th and erly 20th century.

    Philadelphia has many square miles of row houses with corner bars and grocery stores and scattered churches and schools. They look a lot more like the set in "Miri" than Cape May does.

    And I wonder wheter McCoy has ever seen such neighborhoods in Phildelphia or other larger US cities. Maybe all those countless square miles of such neighborhoods have been redeveloped over the centuries between now and the era of TOS.

    Anyway, most villages and towns and cities in the USA are very young compared to those in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    And some communities in the "old world" still have large neighborhoods filled with buildings which are much older than the ones in "Miri" - often centuries older. Of course many of those old buidlings could have been demolished, perhaps in World War Three, and replaced by the era of TOS.

    So maybe you might want to suggest some of the "horrible comglomerations of antique architecture" which may have survived on Earth until the era of TOS but which Dr. McCoy had obviously never seen before "Miri".
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    Isn't it Mayberry? Hardly what springs to mind when I think urban or Victorian. :lol:
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    An interesting thing about The Andy Griffith Show is that the camera never strayed above the first floor of any downtown building façade. It created the impression that the whole business district was one story tall. And that's why I never recognized Miri's town as Mayberry before the Internet era.
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    No, not never.