Cast any actor from any era for your dream Batman cast.

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Aragorn, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Aragorn

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    Dec 30, 2002
    Just as the subject line says -- any actor, any age, from any era, for any role. If you were to put together your dream cast for a Batman movie franchise, who would you choose?
  2. Agent Richard07

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    Jun 20, 2001
  3. JacksonArcher

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    Aug 16, 2001
    I always thought Alec Baldwin, back in the 80's, would have been an ideal Bruce Wayne/Batman.

    Alan Rickman, from any era however maybe the Die Hard timeframe would be best, was always my ideal Alfred Pennyworth.

    Gary Oldman IS Gordon to me. I'd be hard pressed to see someone portray him better.

    Sydney Poitier as Lucius Fox, from a few decades back.

    A young River Phoenix as Dick Grayson/Robin.

    Robin Williams, from any era, as The Riddler. Willem Dafoe, from the late 90's, early 00's, as The Joker.

    To me Liev Schrieber was always born to play Harvey Dent/Two-Face.

    James Gandolfini as Detective Bullock. Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin.

    Marlon Brando (The Godfather era) as Carmine "The Roman" Falcone.

    On second thought, William H. Macy would make a great seasoned Comissioner Gordon.
  4. Agent Richard07

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    Jun 20, 2001
    I couldn't figure out who I'd want to see as Two-Face. He'll do.

    Didn't think of him. Good choice. Same with Willem Dafoe as The Joker.
  5. Aragorn

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    Dec 30, 2002
    I posted my dream cast for The Dark Knight Returns some time ago where I had Chris Noth for Harvey Dent, but I think in his prime he could've done the Harvey Dent/Two Face thing.

    Also, Sarah Shahi as Talia.
  6. JacksonArcher

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    Aug 16, 2001
    Chris Noth, in his Law & Order days, would have been a really good Harvey Dent/Two-Face.

    Speaking of The Dark Knight Returns, I know Clint Eastwood is always touted as the guy who should play him, but now at 70 (and if and when the graphic novel ever decidedly gets adapted, much older) I think that makes him a tad too old for the part. I always envisioned someone like Robert Redford as a DKR Bruce Wayne/Batman, or someone around that age bracket.
  7. Captaindemotion

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    May 26, 2001
    Batman - Christian Bale is hard to beat but I wonder what a young Gregory Peck or Burt Lancaster might have done with the role. As an 'Elseworlds', I also can see David Boreanaz having done well if he'd beaten Bale to the part in 2005.

    Robin - Edward Furlong, circa 1994 - 95.

    Alfred - David Niven (he was linked to the role when a Batman pic was first talked about in the aftermath of Superman The Movie), Peter O'Toole.

    The Joker - I'd like to see Chris Eccleston in the role. For a vintage one, what about Conrad Veidt, whose role in The Man Who Laughs inspired the character's look. Jake Busey also looks right for the part and is probably sufficiently crazy, given his parental genes!

    The Penguin - Modern day Paul Giamatti, retro Peter Lorre. I know he's not quite the fit for the role, but I think he would have made an interesting creepy Penguin.

    Two-Face - James Cagney, Errol Flynn or Ed Norton

    Ra's al Ghul - Christopher Lee or Omar Sharif

    Talia Al Ghul - Rachel Weisz

    Comm Gordon - Another vote for Oldman but a younger Stacy Keach would also have been a good fit for the role.

    The Riddler - I still want to see him played by someone smart, creepy and smug, like David Hyde-Pierce, Jeffrey Combs or Christoph Waltz.

    Catwoman - Marilyn Monroe, Eliza Dushku.

    Lucius Fox - I really like Morgan Freeman in the role, even if his Morgan Freeman shtick is a bit familiar by now.

    The Scarecrow - A younger James Cromwell

    Batgirl - a younger Dina Meyer (who played the role in Birds of Prey) or Alicia DeWitt.

    My dream Batman cast wouldn't feature Mr Freeze or Poison Ivy, so I don't have to cast them!
  8. Christopher

    Christopher Writer Admiral

    Mar 15, 2001
    My dream cast is the same cast as the 1960s sitcom (except Burt Ward) playing it as a serious drama. It was a great cast and I would've loved to see what they could do with a serious approach to Batman. Maybe in place of Ward, plug in Jason Marsden, who played Ward in the movie Back to the Batcave and made a much better Robin than Ward did.
  9. Bad Bishop

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    Nov 23, 2001
    The Land of Fruits and Nuts
    There are folks here who used to suggest George Eads (CSI) for Batman. Why George Eads? It was all about his square jaw. :rolleyes:
  10. Morfius

    Morfius Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Feb 5, 2005
    Batman - Humphrey Bogart
    Robin - Dustin Hoffman
    Batgirl - Mellisa Sue Anderson
    Alfred - Patrick Troughton
    Aunt Harriet - Irene Ryan
    Commisioner Gordon - Gregory Peck

    The Joker - Mark Hamil
    The Penguin - W.C. Fields
    Catwoman - Louis Jamison
    The Riddler - Charlie Chaplin
    Mr. Freeze - Richard O'brien
    The Scarecrow - Ray Bolger
    Poison Ivy - Margaret Hamilton
    Harley Quinn - Judy Garland
    Zatanna - Mae West
    Ra's Al Ghul - Tom Baker
    Talia - Barbara Feldon
    Bat-Mite - Billy Barty
    The Mad Hatter - Charles Nelson Riley
    Egghead - Donald Pleasance
    Babydoll - Shirley Temple
    Man-Bat - Ray Park
    Killer Croc - John Wayne
    the Grey Ghost - Adam West
  11. Christopher

    Christopher Writer Admiral

    Mar 15, 2001
    If we can pick anyone from history, then surely the ideal Riddler would be Fred Astaire, who was the original basis for the character. And Harley Quinn should be Arleen Sorkin, since Paul Dini based Harley on her.
  12. MeanJoePhaser

    MeanJoePhaser Admiral

    Aug 21, 2003
    Missile Command
    Batman - Jeffery Hunter
    Robin - Will Wheaton
    Batgirl - Yvonne Craig
    Alfred - Peter Cushing
    Commisioner Gordon - Robert Ryan
    Lucius Fox - Louis Gossett Jr.

    The Joker - Michael Keaton
    The Penguin - Armin Shimmerman
    Catwoman - Gina Gershon
    The Riddler - John Glover or maybe Jonathan Harris
    Mr. Freeze - Robert Shaw
    Solomon Grundy - Ted Cassidy
    The Scarecrow - Jeffery Combs
    Poison Ivy - Rene Russo
    Harley Quinn - Lori Petty
    Ra's Al Ghul - Raul Julia
    Talia - Caroline Munroe
    Two-Face - Thomas Jane
    Bat-Mite - Deep Roy
    The Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp (heh)
    Man-Bat - Dick Durock
    Killer Croc - Vin Diesel
  13. Mysterion

    Mysterion Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jun 28, 2001
    SB-31, Daran V
    Batman - Clint Eastwood (late '70s-early '80s)
    Robin - Christian Slater (mid-late '80s)
  14. Out Of My Vulcan Mind

    Out Of My Vulcan Mind Vice Admiral Admiral

    Dec 27, 2002
    Wherever you go, there you are.
    Batman - Gary Cooper
    The Joker - Marlon Brando (the young, slim Brando of course)
    Catwoman - Ava Gardner
    Two-Face - Robert Mitchum
    The Riddler - Charlie Chaplin
    The Penguin - Charles Laughton
    Poison Ivy - Veronica Lake
    The Scarecrow - Charles Boyer
    Mr. Freeze - Yul Brynner
    Commissioner Gordon - Jimmy Cagney
    Lucius Fox - Sidney Poitier
    Vicki Vale - Rita Hayworth
  15. Admiral_Young

    Admiral_Young Fleet Admiral Admiral

    Feb 27, 2002
    Batman: Matthew Fox or Gregory Peck (I'm reminded of Alex Ross's paintings of Bruce Wayne which are all based on Peck and Matthew Fox's Racer X expressions and body movements reminded me big time of Batman. In the box seat scenes near the end of Space Racer he also looked like he could pull off a very dashing Bruce Wayne. He's my choice if Bale chooses to leave the role for whatever reasons)

    Robin: My Dick Grayson would be a twelve year old...faithful to the story but if I was forced to choose an older actor to try pulling an younger actor it would be Emile Hirsch from Into the Wild and Speed Racer. Hmmm pattern going on here.

    Barbara Gordon/Batgirl: This one is a tough one since the era of Batman I'm going for Babs would be a young teenaged girl. Perhaps a young Alica Witt as Babs.

    James Gordon: Gary Oldman is perfect as Jim Gordon. I love the voice actor who does his voice on BTAS but for a live action Batman, Oldman is my guy.

    Alfred Pennyworth: This is a tough one since I like both Michael Gough and Michael Caine. Both bring their own take to the character. I'm going to have to go with a younger Gough though with a touch of Caine's humor.

    Harvey Dent/Two-Face: A younger Mel Gibson. Every time I see The Man Without a Face I think he could have played a brilliant Two Face.

    Joker: Mark Hamil

    The Penguin: I like the suggestions of Philip Seymore Hoffman as Oswald Cobblepot.
    Scarecrow: Christorpher Lee
    Ra's Al Ghul: David Warner
    Catwoman/Selina Kyle: Rachel Weisz
    Mr. Freeze/Dr. Victor Fries: Patrick Stewart
    The Riddler: Johnny Deep (sort of like this suggestion for some reason)
    Taila al Ghul: Penelope Cruz
    Poison Ivy: A Young Julianne Moore or Amy Adams current.

    Lots more just can't think of them right now and we should do this for our dream superman cast.
  16. Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man Commodore

    Nov 19, 2007
    Nowhere Land
    Yul Bryner as Mr. Freeze, good choice. I've never been able to think of a good actor for him. Someone suggested River Phoenix as Robin, that's a good one. As far as Bruce Wayne's look,I would go for Clooney. I would keep Heath Ledger as the Joker and have Johnny Depp play the Riddler. I think all other casting's for Batman movies were good, it's the writting that sucked.
  17. T'Baio

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    Oct 18, 2001
    Ontario, Canada
    I know I would still love to see Crispin Glover play Joker.
  18. Chocolate Log

    Chocolate Log Captain Captain

    Mar 12, 2001
    Some good suggestions so far, but for a wildcard I'm gonna suggest Tilda Swinton for the riddler
  19. caisson2delta

    caisson2delta Captain Captain

    Apr 6, 2009
    The South of Florida
    Batman- Harrison Ford or Clint Walker
    Riddler - Steve Buscemi
    Joker - Alan Alda
    Batgirl - Sally Fields (Gidget era)
    Alfred - Peter Cushing

    There were some really good choices previously mentioned for others and no one comes to mind for the others.
  20. Kelso

    Kelso Vice Admiral Admiral

    May 3, 2001
    On the destruct button until the last minute!
    Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford would have been the perfect Batman and Robin.