Captain Kirk Gay!?!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Star Trek - The Original & Animated Series' started by Star Wars, Aug 29, 2013.

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    I think we need some moderator action here.
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    The evidence is irrefutable.
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    Absolutely, Moderator action is needed. I history of this users posts shows nothing but constant trolling.
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    Looking at your avatar...:rofl:

    No, Captain Kirk is just madly in love with himself. Of course, the theory that Captain Kirk might be gay is obviously erroneus.

    We have seen clear hints of close encounters with the opposite sex (especially "Wink of an Eye" and "Mark of Gideon") which would constitute at least "bi-sexuality", if I'm not mistaken.

    In general I don't understand the reactions of my fellow BBS mates just as I've never understood Picard's reactions when Q showed up.

    If someone wants to play Q or devil's advocate I have no problems with that. Back in the 1980's we had massive fan club discussions about all these K/S fanporn stories.
    I didn't find these entertaining and felt these to be outrageously conjectural.

    A good reminder that a simple friendship between men is possible is The Shawshank Redemption. Couldn't find any homoerotic allusions between the Tim Robbins and the Morgan Freeman character, same applies for Kirk and Spock.

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