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    Title: TBA - King, Captain, Soldier, Spy - 4 Heroes, 2 Worlds, 1 War
    Genre: Character and Story Driven, Action Adventure, Cinematic - "Uncharted is not far off"
    Platforms: TBA
    Release: TBA

    Reveal Trailer and first info

    Marvel's Captain America X Black Panther Game: 4 New Things We Just Learned

    • cinematic action game set in World War II, which tracks, because Hennig is famous for working on fast-paced, story-driven games like Uncharted.
    • Per the trailer, it’s obvious you’ll be playing as four main characters, which a later press release revealed to be a young Steve Rogers; Azzuri, T’challa’s grandfather and the previous Black Panther; Gabriel Jones, a soldier; and Nanali, a Wakandan spy.
    • The World War II setting was picked because it was a formative era for Steve Rogers, something they thought might be fun to cross over with Black Panther.
    • Nanali, meanwhile, is a character who only appears briefly in the comics, but that’s exactly why Skydance picked her. It sounds like they’re going to take it as an opportunity to flesh out the fledgling spy’s background.
    • Gabriel, they emphasized, would explore what it meant to be a Black man during this Nazi-meets-Hydra era, and what it might feel like for him to interact with Wakanda.
    • As they put it, Skydance wants to explore the idea of four unlikely heroes—two of whom are superheroes, two of whom aren’t—all brought together by global conflict.
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    It sounds interesting and hopefully it will be a fun game to play, let's hope it's not fully of in-game purchase stuff as that never seems to improve a game.
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    I'm really looking forward to this, I love the Uncharted games, and the concept behind this is very interesting.