But that's no ended.

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    Hola! & greetings fellow Trekkies!
    I'm so glad I found this place, as I have been a Trek fan my whole life.
    I have therefore a lifetime of questions about TOS, & some of the other series as well.
    So, I'll start with the one that's been on my mind the longest.
    In Patterns of Force, there is an overdub that clearly sounds out of place. You probably already know what I'm gonna say here, but still, I gotta ask.
    When the Lieutenant is beating Esok, he says: "You Zaon have defiled us for the last time." & right immediately after that he adds:"BUT THAT'S NO ENDED." which sounds SO out of place.
    My question then is: Was it put there to cover up something they couldn't erase? If so, what was it they were trying to cover?
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    Welcome aboard!

    I believe he says "that's now ended."
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    Correct. I just checked it with subtitles on.

    Welcome, Stonn! The dialogue wasn't changed. It's what the actor was saying. Often, dialogue is looped (re-recorded) in the studio, especially during location shooting when ambient noise or other issues prevent the microphones from clearly recording the dialogue. In this case, the loop didn't completely match the movement of his lips.
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    When I see a TV or movie scene that has an awkward, disjointed moment, like when a character says something out of the blue that doesn't belong there, I think of a scene in the Albert Brooks movie Modern Romance:

    I never used to know this, but those moments that make no sense happen either because a needed bit of footage wasn't shot, so they substituted a bit they did have, or the director insisted on keeping a bit of film in that made sense only to him. The latter case, as in the Modern Romance scene, is probably rare.
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