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    Yep that was a site I followed as well, and was dissapointed it kinda died. That kinda led to my idea to create a site, even though it will be formatted totally differently.

    Hey Deranged Nasat what makes The Nanotech War connected to the Lit-verse?
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    That's actually one of the novels that doesn't tie in as such, but fits perfectly fine anyway. So it's a "might as well throw it in" entry. :)
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    It's an interesting story, but I'm not so sure it does quite fit in. I've only read it once so far, but I seem to recall it asserting that the Federation had some pretty sweeping laws against nanotechnology, which doesn't seem consistent with the use of medical nanites in TNG: "Evolution" and the like.
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    I only read it once too, some time ago, so I might well have overlooked something when recalling it now - particularly if it was more a generalized concept of nanotech's use that doesn't add up, rather than a more striking overt contradiction. I'll defer to anyone who has more familiarity on this one.

    Hmmm, I suppose it depends on how flexible or "forgiving" I'm being - it might still be a "squint and it can work" entry, depending on how strong or striking the difference between the novel's idea of Federation nanotech and other sources' is.
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    Well that's more of a canon violation than a discontinuity with the Lit-verse. Of course canon violations should by definition be Lit-verse discontinuities as well, I suppose.
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    Here's where I jump in with my "why disqualify novels for stuff like that when incompatible episodes like "True Q"/"The Q and the Gray" and "Balance of Terror"/"Minefield" are still part of the same TV continuity?" speech.

    Carry on.:)
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    Any chance we could get a look at your new site?
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    Still a work in progrress but I've tried to pick up the pace. There will be a list for each series. Each entry will have notes when you hovor over it. The list is color coated as to importance to the overall storyline. This is just a glimpse of one of the smallest pages and there will be other features so don't think it's just simple and easy like this one page.

    Really looking forward to sharing this with everyone and being able to supply it to the newcomers with questions that pop up so often.
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    Looks good so far. But can we get a list of all the book in the timeline order as well if that's not planned/ I hope that is planned.
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    Yep, that's the plan. That will be under 'The Complete Lit-verse Reading List.'
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    Just out of curiosity, are you going to break things up like VotI did or just list them based on the main parts of the books?
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    Could you perhaps share just the list you've compiled :D?

    Would it help if I said "Pretty please"?
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    Unlike VotI, I decided to just list the books as a whole, instead of break them up into a bunch of pieces, creating a (IMO) nearly incomprehensible tangle of entries. There's something to be said for both methods, but in the end it was more fun for me to start from scratch with the easier method than copy and then add to a pre-existing framework.

    I've not combined all the lists together yet and I'm still working on the individual ones. So I don't have anything in a form that I'd like to post yet. Right now I'm going over all the comics and adding what's relevant. I look forward to when I have something more to share.
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    When you do your lists, can we get lists without comics and just books as well as both and then comics separate?
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    Nice :techman:
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    Eventually I could probably do that.
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    So I've been developing this list of important or good (subjective, I know) Trek literature (books and comics, with references to the different TV series) by coming up with 32 different historical/series eras to put Trek literature into. It's based primarily on the Memory Beta Chronology.

    It's still a rough draft, so there are quite a few mistakes, and I know it doesn't exactly fit the bill of what you were asking, but you did want something comprehensive! Hope this helps.

    1. General
    2. Myriad Universes

    3. Earth’s Dark Era
    4. Enterprise TV
    5. Enterprise Books
    6. Early Federation
    7. Christopher Pike
    8. Early Kirk
    9. Vanguard
    10. Star Trek Later Season One
    11. Star Trek, Later Seasons
    12. The Animated Series
    13. Admiral Kirk
    14. Kirk’s 2nd 5-Year Mission
    15. The Original Films
    16. Excelsior
    17. Stargazer
    18. Cardassian Occupation

    2nd Half of the 24th Century (2364- )
    19. Early TNG
    20. Later TNG TV
    21. Early DS9
    22. Post-Series TNG
    23. The Dominion War
    24. Voyager
    25. New Frontier
    26. DS9 Relaunch
    27. Mirror Universe
    28. S.C.E.
    29. A Time To…
    30. Titan
    31. Destiny
    32. Voyager Relaunch

    1. Strange New Worlds, 1-10
    2. The Amazing Stories
    3. The Captain’s Table
    4. Tales from the Captain’s Table
    5. Seven Deadly Sins
    6. The Brave and the Bold
    7. The Badlands
    8. Day of Honor
    9. Invasion!
    10. Gateways
    11. Star Trek: Special
    12. The Modula Imperative
    13. The Best of Gary Seven

    Myriad Universes
    14. Infinity’s Prism
    15. Echoes and Refractions
    16. Shattered Light
    17. The Last Generation
    18. Strangers in the Sky
    19. Federation
    20. Odyssey
    21. Mirror Universe Trilogy
    22. The Mirror Universe Saga

    Earth’s Dark Era (1974-1996)
    23. Assignment: Earth
    24. The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Vol. 1-2

    Enterprise TV (2151-2155)
    25. Enterprise, Seasons 1-4
    26. What Price Honor?
    27. Daedalus
    28. Daedalus’s Children
    29. Last Full Measure
    30. Rosetta

    Enterprise Books (2155-2161)
    31. The Good that Men Do
    32. Kobayashi Maru
    33. The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor’s Wing
    34. The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm
    35. Starfleet: Year One

    Early Federation

    Christopher Pike (2228-2264)
    36. Burning Dreams (2228-2267)
    37. Crew
    38. The Final Reflection
    39. Final Frontier
    40. Best Destiny
    41. Collision Course
    42. Vulcan’s Glory
    43. The Early Voyages
    44. Where Sea Meets Sky
    45. Inception

    Early Kirk (2264-2266)
    46. Star Trek, Season One (2266-2267)
    47. Constellations
    48. The New Voyages
    49. The New Voyages II
    50. Mere Anarchy
    51. Star Trek: The Original Series Omnibus
    52. Romulans: Pawns of War
    52. Enterprise: The First Adventure
    53. My Brother’s Keeper: Republic
    54. My Brother’s Keeper: Constitution
    55. My Brother’s Keeper: Enterprise
    56. The Janus Gate: Present Tense
    57. The Janus Gate: Future Imperfect
    58. The Janus Gate: Past Prologue
    59. Errand of Vengeance: The Edge of the Sword
    60. Errand of Vengeance: Killing Blow
    61. Errand of Vengeance: River of Blood

    Vanguard (2265-2267)
    62. Vanguard: Distant Early Warning
    63. Vanguard: Harbinger
    64. Vanguard: Summon the Thunder
    65. Vanguard: Reap the Whirlwind
    66. Vanguard: Open Secrets
    67. Vanguard: Precipice
    68. Vanguard: Declassified
    69. Vanguard: What Judgment Comes

    Later ST Season One (2267)
    70. Heart of the Sun
    71. Web of the Romulans
    72. Errand of Fury: Seeds of Rage
    73. Errand of Fury: Demands of Honor
    74. Errand of Fury: Sacrifices of War
    75. Crucible: Provenance of Shadows
    76. Crucible: The Fire and the Rose
    77. Crucible: The Star to Every Wandering
    78. Ishmael
    79. The Disinherited
    80. Invasion!: First Strike
    81. The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse
    82. The Galactic Whirlpool
    83. Mission to Horatius
    84. Twilight’s End
    85. The Vulcan Academy Murders
    86. The IDIC Epidemic

    Star Trek, Later Seasons (2268-2269)
    87. Star Trek, Season Two (2267-2268)
    88. Star Trek, Season Three (2268-2269)
    89. To Reign in Hell
    90. Treaty’s Law
    91. The Rings of Tautee
    92. Uhura’s Song
    93. Double, Double
    94. How Much for Just the Planet?
    95. Legacy
    96. Section 31: Cloak
    97. First Frontier
    98. Mudd in Your Eye
    99. Sanctuary

    The Animated Series (2269-2270)
    100. The Animated Series, Season 1-2
    101. Faces of Fire
    102. Assignment: Eternity
    103. Planet of Judgment
    104. World Without End
    105. Perry’s Planet
    106. The Three-Minute Universe
    107. Renegade
    108. The Great Starship Race
    109. All of Me
    110. The Patrian Transgression
    111. Memory Prime
    112. Prime Directive
    113. The Tears of the Singers
    114. Pawns and Symbols
    115. The Price of the Phoenix
    116. The Fate of the Phoenix
    117. The Abode of Life
    118. Chain of Attack
    119. The Final Nexus
    120. The Entropy Effect
    121. Yesterday’s Son
    122. Dreadnought!
    123. Battlestations!
    124. Troublesome Minds
    125. Mission’s End

    Admiral Kirk (2270-2272)
    125. The Lost Years
    126. Traitor Winds
    127. A Flag Full of Stars
    128. Recovery
    129. Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor

    Kirk’s 2nd 5-Year Mission (2273-2280)
    1. Star Trek I
    2. Untold Voyages
    3. Ex Machina
    4. The Kobayashi Maru
    5. Home is the Hunter
    6. Firestorm
    7. Death Count
    8. The Wounded Sky
    9. Rihannsu: My Enemy, My Ally
    10. Doctor’s Orders
    11. Spock’s World
    12. The Better Man
    13. The Covenant of the Crown
    14. Rihannsu: The Romulan Way
    15. Rihannsu: Swordhunt
    16. Rihannsu: Honor Blade
    17. Rihannsu: The Empty Chair
    18. Rules of Engagement
    19. New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars
    20. New Earth: Belle Terre
    21. New Earth: Rough Trails
    22. New Earth: The Flaming Arrow
    23. New Earth: Thin Air
    24. New Earth: Challenger
    25. Gateways: Chainmail

    The Original Films (2281-2288)
    26. The Pandora Principle
    27. Dwellers in the Crucible
    28. Time for Yesterday
    29. Star Trek II-V
    30. Unspoken Truth
    31. In the Name of Honor
    32. Probe
    33. The Rift
    34. The Best of Captain Kirk
    35. The Best of Peter David

    Excelsior (2289-2328)
    36. Excelsior: Forged in Fire
    37. Star Trek VI
    38. Sarek
    39. Mind Meld
    40. Shadows on the Sun
    41. The Last Roundup
    42. The Captain’s Daughter
    43. Vulcan’s Forge
    44. The Sundered
    45. Cast No Shadow
    46. Serpents Among the Ruins
    47. Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers

    Stargazer (2327-2346)
    48. Enter the Wolves
    49. The Art of the Impossible
    50. Stargazer: The Valiant
    51. Stargazer: Gauntlet
    52. Stargazer: Progenitor
    53. Stargazer: Three
    54. Stargazer: Oblivion
    55. Stargazer: Enigma
    56. Stargazer: Maker
    57. Well of Souls
    58. Vulcan’s Heart

    Cardassian Occupation (2345-2367)
    59. Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves
    60. Deny Thy Father
    61. The Buried Age
    62. No Limits
    63. Imzadi
    64. Catalyst of Sorrows
    65. Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles

    Early TNG (2364-2368)
    66. The Next Generation, Seasons 1-5
    67. The Sky’s the Limit
    68. The Best of Star Trek: TNG
    69. Double Helix, 1-6
    70. Survivors (2364)
    71. Strike Zone (2365)
    72. Metamorphosis (2365)
    73. A Rock and a Hard Place (2366)
    74. Gulliver’s Fugitives
    75. Q-in-Law
    76. Fortune’s Light
    77. Contamination
    78. Spartacus (2367)
    79. Reunion (2367)
    80. Perchance to Dream
    81. The Star Lost
    82. Vendetta (2367)
    83. Chains of Command
    84. The Forgotten War
    85. The Last Stand (2368)
    86. War Drums (2368)
    87. Sins of Commission
    88. The Romulan Prize (2368)
    89. Intelligence Gathering
    90. The Devil’s Heart

    Later TNG TV (2369-2370)
    91. The Next Generation, Seasons 6-7
    92. The Best and the Brightest (2369-2372)
    93. Here There Be Dragons (2369)
    94. Guises of the Mind
    95. The Death of Princes
    96. The Best of the Borg (2369)
    97. The Romulan Strategem
    98. Foreign Foes
    99. Requiem
    100. Engines of Destiny (2370)
    101. Blaze of Glory
    102. Possession
    103. Infiltrator
    104. Into the Nebula
    105. Q-Squared
    106. Masks
    107. Rogue Saucer

    Early DS9 (2369-2373)
    108. Deep Space Nine, Seasons 1-5
    109. Prophecy and Change
    110. The Never Ending Sacrifice
    111. The Best of Deep Space Nine
    112. The Siege
    113. Klingon
    114. The Landmark Crossover
    115. Fallen Heroes
    116. Antimatter
    117. Devil in the Sky
    118. Fool’s Gold
    119. The Looking Glass War
    120. Station Rage
    121. The Long Night
    122. Objective: Bajor
    123. The 34th Rule
    124. Legends of the Ferengi
    125. Starfleet Academy, #1-19
    126. Marvel DS9 #10-15

    Post-Series TNG (2371-2373)
    127. Ancient Blood (2371)
    128. Crossover
    129. Kahless
    130. Do Comets Dream?
    131. Perchance to Dream
    132. Dujonian’s Hoard
    133. Tooth and Claw
    134. Generations
    135. Ship of the Line (2372)
    136. Slings and Arrows
    137. Rogue
    138. First Contact (2373)

    The Dominion War (2373-2375)
    139. Deep Space Nine, Seasons 6-7
    140. Tales from the Dominion War
    141. Behind Enemy Lines
    142. Tunnel Through the Stars (2374)
    143. Immortal Coil
    144. Q-Continuum
    145. The Gorn Crisis
    146. Millennium, 1-3
    147. Triangle: Imzadi II
    148. The Battle of Betazed (2375)
    149. Insurrection
    150. Forgiveness

    Voyager (2371-2377)
    151. Voyager, Seasons 1-7
    152. Distant Shores
    153. Encounters with the Unknown
    154. Mosaic
    155. Pathways
    156. The Escape (2371)
    157. The Murdered Sun
    158. The Black Shore (2373)
    159. Echoes
    160. Marooned
    161. String Theory, 1-3 (2374)
    162. Seven of Nine (2375)
    163. Battle Lines
    164. Shadow
    165. Dark Matters, 1-3 (2376)
    166. The Nanotech War (2377)

    New Frontier (2373-2380)
    167. New Frontier
    168. Prometheans
    169. Once Burned
    170. Double Time
    171. Double or Nothing
    172. The Quiet Place
    173. Dark Allies
    174. Excalibur, 1-3
    175. Cold Wars
    176. Being Human
    177. Gods Above
    178. Stone and Anvil
    179. After the Fall
    180. Missing in Action
    181. Turnaround
    182. Treason
    183. Blind Man’s Bluff

    DS9 Relaunch (2375-2377)
    184. The Left Hand of Destiny, 1-2
    185. N-Vector
    186. A Stitch in Time
    187. The Lives of Dax (2376)
    188. Avatar, 1-2
    189. Section 31: Abyss
    190. Gateways: Demons of Air and Darkness
    191. Gateways: “Horn and Ivory”
    192. Divided We Fall
    193. Mission Gamma: Twilight
    194. Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit
    195. Mission Gamma: Cathedral
    196. Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil
    197. Rising Son
    198. Unity
    199. Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Cardassia and Andor
    200. Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Trill and Bajor
    201. Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Feranginar and The Dominion
    202. Warpath (2377)
    203. Fearful Symmetry
    204. The Soul Key
    205. Reservoir Ferengi

    Mirror Universe (2155-2181)
    206. Mirror Images
    207. The Sorrows of Empire
    208. Glass Empires
    209. Obsidian Alliances
    210. Shards and Shadows
    211. Rise Like Lions

    S.C.E. (2376-2377)
    212. Have Tech, Will Travel
    213. Miracle Workers
    214. Some Assembly Required
    215. No Surrender
    216. Foundations
    217. Wildfire
    218. Breakdowns
    219. Aftermath
    220. Grand Designs
    221. Creative Couplings
    222. Wounds
    223. Out of the Cocoon
    224. What’s Past
    225. Turn the Page
    226. Remembrance of Things Past

    A Time To… (2375-2379)
    227. I, Q
    228. Gemworld
    229. Diplomatic Implausibility (2376)
    230. Maximum Warp, Book 1-2
    231. A Good Day to Die
    232. Honor Bound
    233. Enemy Territory
    234. A Burning House
    235. The Genesis Wave, 1-3 (2376/2377)
    236. The Genesis Force
    237. Vulcan’s Soul, 1-3
    238. A Time to be Born (2378)
    239. A Time to Die
    240. A Time to Sow
    241. A Time to Harvest (2378/2379)
    242. A Time to Love
    243. A Time to Hate
    244. A Time to Kill
    245. A Time to Heal
    246. A Time for War, A Time for Peace
    247. Nemesis

    Titan (2379-2380)
    248. Death in Winter
    249. Taking Wing
    250. The Red King
    251. Articles of the Federation
    252. Orion’s Hounds
    253. Resistance
    254. Q & A
    255. Before Dishonor
    256. Sword of Damocles
    257. Greater than the Sum

    Destiny (2381-2382)
    258. Destiny, 1-3
    259. Over a Torrent Sea
    260. Losing the Peace
    261. A Singular Destiny
    262. Rough Beasts of Empire
    263. Watching the Clock
    264. Synthesis
    265. Zero Sum Game
    266. Seize the Fire
    267. Paths of Disharmony
    268. The Struggle Within
    269. Plagues of Night
    270. Raise the Dawn

    Voyager Relaunch (2378-2381)
    271. Homecoming
    272. The Farther Shore
    273. Spirit Walk, 1-2
    274. Full Circle
    275. Unworthy
    276. Children of the Storm
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    Jul 14, 2011
    Thrawn, any chance you were able to compile your list? The other lists here have helped but I'm still looking for one that takes the Charting the Novel-verse books and puts them into chronological order. Odo's list is good but segments into different series. I'm trying to get a hold of the entire "novel-verse" and where they all fit (Vanguard, Starfleet Academy, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Titan, New Frontier, S.C.E., etc.).

    I know it's not necessary to enjoy these books and I've already read many of them. I'm just a bit of a collector and would like to get a complete set to go on my bookshelf. I love the fact that I'll have all these stories that reference each other even if in a small, insignificant way. Then as I'm reading different novels that might mention something or someone from one of the other books I can run onto here. I can ask where this person or situation is from. Once I get the answer from many of you walking Treklopedias I can walk to my bookshelf and find the specific "referenced" book. That doesn't sound too anal does it... does it?! :eek:
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    You can skip The Left Hand of Destiny

    Why would someone want to skip The Left Hans of Destiny Duology, They were excellent books and happened within the relative time frame.:klingon:
  20. KQuita

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Qo'noS settlement Earth
    "You can skip The Left Hand of Destiny"

    Why would someone want to skip The Left Hand of Destiny Duology, They were excellent books and happened within the relative time frame.:klingon: