Beyond The Sun: A VOY-era Fan Film

Discussion in 'Fan Productions' started by Ryan Thomas Riddle, May 22, 2021.

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    This popped up in my YouTube recommendations. It's from the same fan filmmaker who's made several ENT-era shorts.

    No spoiler review: It's not bad. Tells a complete story beginning to end in less than 20 minutes. A typical Trek tale, not much depth. But at least the main character makes a decision and takes action unlike in other productions. Great production value. The VOY-era sets are decent as is the alien ship's. Excellent costumes (although the uniforms could use shoulder pads).

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    I saw this video and thought it was an interesting story about the Prime Directive.A character breaks the rules and his choices will have ripple effects for the aliens for a long time to come. .
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    For a nice change of pace there's something to this: an actual ethical angle to explore. So kudos for that.

    Again...mismatched eyelines. C'mon fans...

    The story:

    Once they have interfered already why doesn't the crew even discuss educating the people as to what a star is and why going into it would kill them all? Yes, that IS cultural interference, but the damage has already been done and at least the people on the ship could have the option of choosing for themselves as opposed to what happens: the ship is sent home with people contaminated by contact with an alien culture that denies their beliefs. That knowledge in of itself is arguably worse interference than stopping the deaths of this group. If the issue is young officer's changing their course, why doesn't the Captain fix the ship and let them go into solar-Town on as intended if that is their choice?

    And speaking of sending them home, letting these people go to limp back to their planet is baffling as portrayed. The ship was intended for a one-way trip, so how does it have food and fuel enough for a round trip, which will apparently take years?
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