Betazed: Starfleet's Finest Hours

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    My own twist to this noble fight, all characters fictional and non canon.

    Betazed: Starfleet's Finest Hour

    Stardate 51424.26: 10th Fleet Patrolling Betazed Sector: Betazed Orbit.

    USS Columbia, Excelsior Class Refit, Flagship 10th Fleet, Admiral George Gilligan Commanding.

    Chapter 1: Surprise

    Admiral Gilligan walked down the corridor of his fine Battle-Cruiser. The Excelsior Class was the pride of the Federation Fleet and the backbone for almost a century. She was a strong and sturdy ship and he liked her and it's crew. The crew of the Columbia was like a family, and Admiral Gilligan was like their father. On this day in the Dominion War the Columbia and the Gilligan had been assigned to patrol the Betazed Sector for Dominion Forces. Admiral Gilligan did not see the point in patrolling this sector as it was to deep into the Federation for the Dominion to strike. Intelligence informed the Admiral that a Dominion Fleet was massing ear the Argolis Cluster but again he shrugged it off saying that the sector was out of reach. As he walked on to the bridge a crewman informed him of the situation.

    "Admiral all ships report ready to begin the exercise."

    "Thank you ensign, Lt. Davis inform the fleet that we will begin shortly on my command." Said the Admiral facing his Comm officer.

    "Aye sir." replied the Lieutenant before saying moments later "All ships report ready to commence."

    "Thank you Lieutenant, Ensign Devaro take us on a heading of 290 mark 48, and inform the fleet to begin with exercise Theta-Alpha-Six-Nine-Eight."

    "Course 290 mark 48 marked in sir." replied Ensign Devaro. It was Devaro's first day on the Columbia after being transferred from the Excalibur at Starbase 375. She was glad they were far from the fighting, not only because she hated being in a fight but her chances of returning home at the end of the war were greater. She and the rest of the crew did not know what awaited them that fateful day,

    As the exercise began dozens of ships began to glide through space swiftly as if they were in battle. The Columbia flew at high impulse targeting the drones sent out to act as Dominion ships. By noon time on the planet surface the exercise was over. The ships regrouped and were centered around the Columbia. That's when all hell broke loose, The USS Sharpe was on patrol on the far side of Betazoid when she disappeared off of the Columbia's Sensors.

    "Admiral we might have a problem here." Said Lt. Jenkins "The Sharpe just disappeared from our sensors. and i'm picking up some strange readings from the far side of the planet."

    "What kind of readings?" Asked Gilligan

    "I'm not sure Admiral, it seems the readings are residual weapons fire." replied Jenkins

    "oh don't worry that must of been that they found a rogue drone and destroyed it." Said the Admiral again shrugging off the report. He turned to Lt. Davis and said "Alert the fleet, we are beginning exercise Beta-Gamma-Five-Zero-One."

    "Aye Sir." Replied Davis

    As the ships began to move out Jenkins yelled "Admiral i have multiple unidentified ships approaching at high warp. I'm reading over 150 ships."

    Gilligan stood up stunned at the news and said "Are you sure your sensors are not malfunctioning Mr. Davis?"

    "No sir, the scanners are picking them up to they are approaching on a heading of 109.4 at warp 7.5"

    Gilligan sat back down and tapped a couple of buttons on his command chair "This is the Admiral to the fleet, Red Alert. Dominion Fleet inbound, this is not a drill i repeat this is not a drill all ships assume battle stations with the formation we planned on using. I say again Red Alert, all hands to battle-stations assume formation Beta-Gamma-Five-Zero-One."

    Gilligan turned to his operations officer "Lt. Harrisson, how far away are the enemy ships?"

    "Sir, they have just come out of warp 50,000 kilometers off our starboard bow. i read 3 Jem'Hedar Battlecruisers 30 Cardassian Destroyers 10 Dominion Battleships and among the rest transports and escorts. It seems they plan on invading Betazoid."

    "Let's make sure that does not happen Lieutenant. Ensign Devaro lead us into the fight, we'll charge them and engage at point blank range."

    "Yes sir" replied Devaro, point blank range. Did she hear him right they were outnumbered 3 to 1 and he was going to fight at point blank. He must be mad thinking he can win, but she did not object or say anything. Part of her job as a starfleet officer were to follow orders and not to question them. And on that eve of battle the Tenth Fleet moved forward like a group of geese flying. They moved beautifully into the jaws of hell as if nothing were wrong and as they closed on the dominion ships 1,000 kilometers out they fired. From below on the planets surface the people stopped and looked up and saw the flashes of light and and the explosions that looked like gnats and flies fighting it out. And suddenly out of the blue a starship came falling through the sky, it was a federation ship. As some squinted to see what the hull said it read "USS Columbia NCC-90394" The Columbia had fallen and with it the hope of winning the battle. The Tenth Fleet fell into disarray.

    To Be Continued


    Enjoy, any comments and feedback are welcomed.
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    It is a good start. My imagination is reeling that if I was in such a situation, beaming on board one of the attacking ships would be the last resort in abandoning my starship, Columbia, especially if I did not have time to get to an escape pod.

    Granted, one could beam to the surface of the planet but a battered starship would have many transporter rooms out of commission or they soon will be as they would still be fired upon in this battle scene and so nobody would be heading there. The only personnel that would consider using it if it was still functioning, would be the people in that transporter room as a spur of the moment decision in abandoning ship. The reason why they would be beaming over to an enemy ship is because all of the targetting sensors from Navigation would be focussed there. Although it would take little time to realign the targetting sensors to the planet's surface, it would put the route of escape at risk in ever being used so it would be best to just beam directly to an enemy ship before it gets the chance to be taken out of commission.

    Imagine if that small defiant personnel or crew managed to take over that enemy ship, but it would be too unrealistic. More than likely, they would be sowing discord among the attacking fleet, by taking control of the ship's weapon systems to fire on other enemy ships which would in turn fire on that ship they are on, but not before they beam out unto another enemy ship. How long this tactic can win out before the enemy figure out what was actually going on... I can only imagine, especially when everybody is focussed on fighting them outside.

    Not sure in which direction your story is going, but you got me imagining myself being in that situation. It was a good daydream.