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    Hi I was just wondering if people could give me there thoughts on good star trek books? I have already read the destiny series, q in law, and imzadi and loved them so does anyone no any other good star trek books like those?
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    Well, there have been more than 500 Star Trek novels published over the years, and everyone's got their favorites. Here's some books that I'd recommend, in more or less chronological publication order:

    Spock Must Die!
    Star Trek Log Eight
    Star Trek Log Ten
    Star Trek: The New Voyages
    Trek to Madworld
    The Galactic Whirlpool
    The novelizations of The Wrath of Khan/The Search for Spock/The Voyage Home
    Web of the Romulans
    Yesterday's Son
    The Wounded Sky
    The Final Reflection
    My Enemy, My Ally
    The Tears of the Singers
    Crisis on Centaurus
    Chain of Attack
    How Much for Just the Planet?
    Spock's World
    The Lost Years
    Doctor's Orders
    Fallen Heroes
    First Frontier
    The Captain's Daughter
    Dragon's Honor
    The Lives of Dax
    Avatar: Books One and Two
    Section 31: Abyss
    Immortal Coil
    Ex Machina
    Orion's Hounds
    Troublesome Minds
    Full Circle
    The Sorrows of Empire
    Children of the Storm
    The Cold Equations trilogy

    It should probably be noted that many of the earlier books on this list (and in Trek literature in general) have been contradicted by later TV shows/movies and also by subsequent novels. Still, a good story is a good story and as long as you bear this in mind, there's a wealth of good Trek stories out there.

    If you're primarily interested in the ongoing 24th century books that are set after the various TV series, there is an excellent flow chart here:
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    In line with Q-In-Law, you might want to check out How Much For Just The Planet? by John Ford (same author who wrote The Final Reflection).

    You should also check out the early Voyager numbered novels (ie. The Escape, Ragnorak, Violations, The Murdered Sun, Echoes...).

    Vendetta is also a very nice Borg story that was released in 1991. The events of that book are mentioned in Before Dishonor ,which helps set up the Destiny trilogy.

    Another book to check out is TNG #25 Grounded where the Enterprise contracts a "disease" that is slowly dissolving the ship.
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    The Final Reflection(TOS) by John M. Ford
    - The best star trek book there is. Totally at odds with any trek from TNG onwards since it was written in the eighties.

    Where Sea Meets Sky(TOS) by Jerry Oltion
    - A very enjoyable cap'n pike exploration tale with a nautical feel. Was part of the "captains table" series, but doesn't require reading any of them.

    Federation(TOS,TNG), by Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens.
    -It spans three eras and focuses on Zefram Cochrane(based on his TOS appearance, First Contact hadn't come out at this point). It feels like the kind of epic "The Motion Picture" tried and failed to be.

    Yesterday's Son/Time for Yesterday(TOS) by Ann C Crispin
    A couple of great books that focus on spock and a rather surprising relationship.

    Spock's World(TOS) by Diane Duane
    Deals with Vulcan -its past and what they think it's future should be. Includes an absolutely barnstorming McCoy speech.

    Doctor's Orders(TOS) by Diane Duane
    Kirk puts McCoy in the captains chair, and things spiral out of control from there. Some great aliens to boot.

    The "Errand" series(TOS) by Kevin Ryan
    -It's made up of two trilogies, Errand of Vengeance and Errand of Fury, which tell the story of the TOS era conflict between the federation and the klingons, split into basically four viewpoints - a starfleet command officer on earth, a security officer aboard the enterprise who is a klingon infiltrator, an officer aboard a klingon warship, and finally kirk.
    One of the best flowing, and most satisfying trek stories I've read.
    Book order if you're interested:
    The Edge of the Sword
    Killing Blow
    River of Blood
    Seeds of Rage
    Demands of Honor
    Sacrifices of War

    Masks(TNG) by John Vornholt
    Away mission on a human colony which eschewed modern technology and cut itself off from earth and ended up going back to a sort of feudal system - but with an interesting twist guided by some of the original colonists. The thing I like most about this book is how well the world and its people is put together. Characterisation(mostly Picard) can be a bit off since this was a very early novel.

    Q-Squared(TNG) by Peter David
    - An incredibly intelligently written book that weaves together alternate dimensions into a very interesting story.

    A Rock and a Hard Place(TNG) by Peter David
    - Delves a bit into Riker's past as he goes on leave to help a friend. The other half of the story is his replacement, who is the star of this story. Don't want to go into him as that's the best part of the book.

    Dark Mirror(TNG) by Diane Duane
    - deals with the mirror universe, written before ds9 went back to it so expect gaping discontinuity - as with Federation, I enjoyed the authors version a lot more then what would later transpire.

    Intellivore(TNG) by Diane Duane
    - feels like a mystery where the crew are slowly trying to find a creeping horror. the tension in this book amps up very well through to the conclusion.

    Possession(TNG) by J.M. Dillard and Kathleen O'malley
    - a sequel to a pretty poor TOS book which thankfully isn't necessary reading(I read this one first and never even realised there was a prequel). Great tension as the pressure builds throughout.

    Objective: Bajor(DS9) by John Peel
    Really fun book, has aliens with a rather interesting fundamental problem.

    The 34th rule(DS9) by David R George & Armin Shimmerman
    -Brilliant book focusing on quark and how Ferengi tick, with a superb payoff
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    If you liked Q-IN-LAW and IMZADI, you should probably check out Q-SQUARED by the same author: Peter David. (His VENDETTA is also very good.)
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    Well, I won't claim these to be the "best" necessarily, but they are some of my favorites:

    The Wounded Sky; My Enemy, My Ally; The Romulan Way - Diane Duane - Three of the better TOS-era novels. The Wounded Sky especially captures a sense of wonder that few other Trek novels seem to. Diane Duanee captures the voices and personalities of the TOs characters better than any other writer has.

    The Galactic Whirlpool - David Gerrold - from a story he orginally pitched to the TOS production staff. A TOs story from someone who actually wrote TOS we saw on-screen. This book has a lot of really fun little details in it.

    How Much For Just The Planet? - John Ford - TOS as a musical comedy. Really.

    Ishmael - Barbara Hambly - TOS meets Here Come The Brides. Really.

    Prime Directive - Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens - Would have made a really good finale to TOS. Epic story.

    The Entropy Effect - Vonda McIntyre - Best of the early Pocket publishing era. A couple shocking plot twists. If you don't read any of the other books I've listed here, be sure to read this one.
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    A lot of my favorites have been mentioned, but I'll add the Department of temporal Investigations books (Watching the Clock and Forgotten History). They're great books involving the Federation organization that investigates time travel events and helps protect the timeline.
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    Just one series to add - The 3-book Crucible series by David R George, especially Provenance of Shadows, which is my favorite all-time trek book.
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    Just what I was about to say!

    While we're on Peter David books, I'd add in Excalibur: Restoration and Once Burned as outstanding novels. I enjoyed Imzadi 2, though I know PAD had some frustrations with it.

    For other entertaining books with a sense of fun and humour (which tend to be PAD signatures) I'd recommend Mudd in your Eye and Q & A.
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    Gulliver's Fugitives by Keith Sharee
    A Time to Kill/A Time to Heal by David Mack
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    Ugh, I couldn't stand Restoration.
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    The thing that got me back into reading Star Trek were the Lost Era stories (set inbetween Kirk's death on the Enterprise-B and TNG Season 1). Especially; The Sundered, Serpents Among the Ruins, The Art of the Impossible, and The Buried Age.
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    Buried Age was my hook, too. (That was June '08, I read that, and since then I've read another 237 more Star Trek novels. Good hook!)
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    I've heard a lot of people say that, but it was a page-turner for me.
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    Vanguard Series, is my personal favorite:bolian:

    Cast No Shadow By James Swallow, is my fav stand-alone novel.

    Children of The Storm by Kirsten Beyer, is the best Voyager book I have read.
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    Feb 12, 2013
    Way back when I started with Federation, Sarek and DS9: Fallen Heroes but a few other lacklustre DS9 ones I backed off again.

    Start of this year New Frontier got me hooked again.
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    Michael Jan Friedman's "Reunion" has always been a favorite of mine, in fact Ive read it about 6 times now and each time is as good as the last if not better.
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    The best Star Trek novels are the ones with the words.