Belated Jan '10 Challenge Entry: Voyager: Mysterious Happenings

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    Star Trek: Voyager: Mysterious Happenings
    12 January 2380
    HMSS Voyager BCC 74656, Deep in the Delta Quadrant
    Captains log; Stardate 42001.13; Voyager is approaching a star system where a highly advanced civilisation has been detected. We are approaching under cloak.”

    Captain Chakotay exited his ready room onto the bridge. “Report,” he said.
    “There is no further information on the civilisation, Captain. It is highly possible that they may have detected us, despite our cloak,” the Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Annika Hansen said.
    “Noted,” the Captain said.
    “That is unlikely. We are running passive scans and we are at low warp,” the tactical officer, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok said.
    “How close are we to the system?” the Captain asked.
    “We are approaching the heliopause now, sir,” the Chief Helm Officer, Lieutenant Tamsin Paris, said.
    “Drop out of warp,” the Captain said.
    “Yes, sir,” Paris said. She pressed the appropriate commands on her panel and the ship dropped out of warp.

    “What is the status on the Flyer?” the Captain asked.
    “Torres has completed the repairs following the last battle it got into. It is ready to go,” Paris said.
    “Report to the Shuttle Bay, lieutenant. Begin pre-flight checks, for a reconnaissance mission,” the captain said.
    “Yes, Captain,” Paris said. She then left the bridge.

    3 minutes later, Tamsin Paris entered the shuttlebay. She picked up the Remote Interface PADD for the Delta Flyer from the storage rack. She then walked over towards the Flyer. She pressed a finger to a biometic sensor on the rear of the Remote. “Begin Start-up Sequence; authorisation: Tamsin E. Paris, Lieutenant, εαβ,” she said.
    The Remote then said, ‘Biometric identifiers for Lieutenant Tamsin Eugenia Paris confirmed; start-up sequence initiated,’ on the top of its screen. Paris then could see the rear hatch of the runabout sized vessel open.

    Another 10 minutes later she had completed the pre-flight checks. She opened a channel to the Bridge. “Paris to Bridge, preflight checks are complete,” she said.
    Excellent. Your Away Team will be down in a few minutes. Chakotay out.

    5 minutes later, Paris was waiting outside the rear hatch of the Flyer when her Away Team arrived. The team consisted of Harry Kim, Tal Celes, Sito Jaxa, Vorik and Icheb.
    Kim handed a PADD over to Paris. “These are the parameters of the mission,” he said. Paris read through the mission briefing.
    “Thankyou Harry, let’s go,” Paris said. She led them into the Flyer.

    To be continued