BATMAN 3 RUMOR next Villian??

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    Johnny Depp as the Riddler?

    "The Dark Knight" is still on the tip of everyone's tongue. But now, instead of folks breathlessly asking each other if they've seen it, talk has turned to speculation over Batman's next foe. Who's it gonna be?

    iVillage is reporting that the Caped Crusader may take on the Riddler in "Batman 3." According to the rumor mill, Johnny Depp might sign on to play the nefarious super-criminal. But caveat emptor—this could be just as false as the one about Crispin Glover playing the Joker.

    Slashfilm notes that there are additional possibilities floating around. For instance, Phillip Seymour Hoffman may play the Penguin or Angelina Jolie could don Catwoman's skin-tight suit. Truth or fiction, fanboys around the world must be having a heart attack at the mere possibility.

    Still, the "official" rumor mill is just one of the ways superfans are checking in on the next Batman flick. Many seek the scoop themselves. We've noticed impressive searches on "batman 3 rumors," "dark knight sequel casting rumors," and "batman's next villain."

    That last query is very telling. People clearly want to know the answer, but we doubt even the filmmakers have decided. To that end, may we offer the studio execs this humble piece of Search-informed advice: Go with Catwoman. She's far-and-away the most popular baddie and there are already a slew of searches on possible cast members including Jessica Biel, Amy Adams, and, wait for it, Maggie Gyllenhaal. Do fans think Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne's one-and-only, was really the Catwoman all along?"

    Donno how I feel about that.
  2. The rumors are BS, I believe. From what I can tell they are not that near far enough along yet, and also, those are choices that seem to have been lifted right off of message board wish-lists from the past few months. Particularly Hoffman and Jolie.

    FWIW, both Johnny Depp as the Riddler and Seymour hoffman as Penguin are obscenely fantastic casting choices, and if Nolan announced it tomorrow I'd instantly be onboard with them both. I just don't think it's going to happen.
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    We should be getting a wide range of rumors until we get concrete info about part 3. So get ready for "Rachael Mcadams cast as selina kyle?" "Justin Timberlake is Blackmask?" "Random Wrestler cast as Bane?"
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    First off, WB officially debunked all the current casting rumors.

    Second, since they don't even have a script, it's unlikely they'll be casting anything.

    For the next year or so, I would not expect anything concrete to come out about the next Batman film. When stuff does begin to come out, it will be if it's happening and who is involve in the early creative stages.

    Casting news on this crop of Batman films has always been late to the party. We did not know of Ledger or Eckhart until a few months before shooting.
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    Personally I just think they should just bring Two-Face back. I think Eckhart had a lot more potential in him and falling off a ledge just wasn't epic confrontationish enough for me. Also, his return would clear Bruce's name and totally just ruin everything he and Gordon fought for.

    I know they were originally planning on bringing The Joker back for the third one in a supporting manner. Gary Oldman thinks that they should recast because it's what Heath Ledger would have wanted. And I agree. Using The Joker only once, despite being Batman's archenemy, seems kind of limiting. But who they would get to replace him? Well, I have no idea. The only question is who would have the balls to want to follow an iconic performance like that.

    The Riddler sucks. He's a comedy character. He's almost a parody of The Joker. He's one of those guys who never really made the transition from Adam West to Frank Miller very well. But if anyone could make him work it would be Depp.

    I like the idea of The Penguin. But only as a supporting character. Like The Scarecrow. He's just not in The Joker's or Two-Face's league.

    In The Batman Universe there are 4 main "Big Bads": The Joker, Ra's Al Ghul, Two-Face, and Bane. I've always liked Bane, even though he looks like a Mexican Luche Libre Pro-Wrestler. He scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Being a calm, cool, calculating, intellectual gentlemen one minute then transforming into a bloodthirsty, hulking, savage, brute the next.

    Think also they should put Catwoman in there as the girl Bruce eventually settles down with. I'm a big Bruce/Selina shipper, so I'm biased. I thought Rachel was a useless, uncharismatic waste of screen time and didn't care one bit when she, well you know. As a main bad guy, a professional cat-thief doesn't work for me. As a supporting character/love interest, then yeah that works for me. I heard Angelina Jolie really wanted the part. Which is a given because she plays "the sexy, hot chick" in every single movie. And even then half the time she's sleepwalking through it. So, yes, I find her acting very limited and tiresome. I throw her in the same league as Halle Berry and J-Lo. They're Media Figures, not actors. I like Eliza Dushku myself, but someone suggested Rosario Dawson which would be good too.

    Then someone suggested an idea that I liked. In the wake of The Joker's reign of terror, a whole new generation of costumed criminals have popped up, thus escalating the situation even more. Poison Ivy, The Riddler, The Scarecrow, The Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, etc. Either Two-Face or Ra's Al Ghul returns to lead them on a crusade of chaos and terror to take back Gotham for the freaks and criminals . To make matters even worse , either Harvey or Ra's is armed with the knowledge of Bruce being Batman. That would be good or it could be a clusterfuck.
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    Well, Rachel Dawes couldn't have been Catwoman 'all along', as the identity presumably doesn't exist yet. Maybe she became Catwoman after the explosion or whatever... but frankly, I think the best bet here is a new character. Dawes was just a weak link in both films and I think she's served her purpose.

    Johnny Depp as the Riddler is a great idea, IMHO. Heath Ledger's Joker is going to be a hard act to follow. I've got no doubt that Depp has the acting chops to be a great villain. Not that I've ever seen Depp as a villain in a film, but hey, he was great as the savage antihero of Sweeney Todd. Scale that back quite a bit and I'm sure you'd get something interesting.

    I'd like to see him back (I had thought the film would leave him alive to be used more prominently in a sequel); but it'd be hard to explain away that apparent corpse. It'd be a lot easier to bring back Ras al-Ghul, and even easier to bring back Scarecrow (what happened to him, anyway?).

    An intellectual gentleman Mexican Pro-Wrestler sounds like a punchline to me rather than a villain. I know a lot of people were unhappy with the character's depiction in Batman & Robin, but with a costume that ridiculous being a lumbering oaf is easier to swallow. Maybe if they overhauled the concept it could work.

    Anyway, I definitely think the main villain(s) should be new characters, even if someone from the prior films returns in a supporting role. It keeps things fresh.
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    The only reason Depp is fanboy rumoured to play The Riddler is because he's the only actor people can think of who has the acting calibre to compete with and possibly make you forget Ledger's Joker...which is the biggest hurdle facing Nolan and crew.

    But it ain't gonna' happen.
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    Depp would make a better Clock king, or cluemaster so they can introduce Spoiler who becomes the new robin after something delightful happens to Dick... Although, if they really want to see him do something different... How about Depp as Killer Croc?
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    Although there would be something mildly ironic in Burton's go to guy Depp appearing in the series of Batman films not made by him.
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    I thought of Cat Woman when Alfred made reference to the new body armour being proof against cats and dogs.

    Two Face was an awful character, painfully badly acted and looked preposterous in the hospital scene next to Ledger's fantastic Joker.
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    I think they need to combine with Superman and use Luthor as the prime villian while tapping 2Face or a lesser Batman villian as his accomplice.
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    ^Oh, that would be... surprising if they used Luthor alone.
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    I love Depp... but I'm having a hard time imagining him as the Riddler. Unless he approached it in an off-the-wall way like Captain Jack. But then I can't see Nolan putting a character like that in his movie to begin with.

    I can see someone like Guy Pearce working though. We already know from Memento that he's good with puzzles. :D
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    Squire, I thought they might have been giving a subtle clue about Catwoman as well, but it could have just been a dig at the fact that Bruce got mauled by dogs prior to that scene.

    I assume that the Scarecrow got shipped back to Arkham after being tied up. Nice to see they gopt Cillian Murphy to reprise the role, even as a bit part. I do not see Bane as being a high enough caliber villain to headline a film or even be a co-villain. I imagine any appearence by the Joker would be a bit part, as since he was such a force in Dark Knight, I don't think they'd use him heavily in a sequel. Maybe a scene or so in Arkham.

    " Do fans think Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne's one-and-only, was really the Catwoman all along?" No. Being blown up kind of nixes that idea; in any event, I don't see Selina Kyle as a law type. Also, what would be the motivation or the point? And it'd be a slap in the face to have them say she was Catwoman, when A) Her name is NOT Selina Kyle nor any variation on a cat theme and B) The character of Rachael was nothing like Selina.

    I think the next Villain will be another of the more grounded and less fantastic villains, because how can you convincingly portray Clayface or Poison Ivy in a film set in the kind of world Begins and Knight were that are more realistic?

    And if Two-Face had a nickle for every time he was thought to be dead in the comics but came back...he'd be rich. It is possible that Harvey survived the fall, but that Gordon and the rest simply convinced the rest of the public he died in the explosion at the hospital when he was actually carted off to Arkham.
  15. 1001001

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    Angelina Jolie as Catwoman is the Greatest Idea in the History of Cinema.

  16. Jim Steele

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    David Tennant apparently wants to play the Riddler. I can totally see that.
  17. davejames

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    It's not a very interesting choice, IMO, but it would definitely be cool to see her in the costume. ;)
  18. DarthPipes

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    I really hope they stay away from a big name like Depp or Jolie. Depp will play whoever he does like he does every character now as some whacky, ambigiously gay fool. Jolie is completely overrated and quite frankly, the movie doesn't have to cast a big star as the new villain.
  19. Thrall

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    I've never been a fan of the character because he's too gimmicky and one-dimensional IMO. Every Riddler story is the same. Riddler plants some bomb and or has some master scheme(that is always derivative of The Joker) that Batman and Robin have to stop by solving all the clues he leaves in time. And they always do. The only people to do a cool, interesting take on him was Dini and Timm. And even then, the character was barely in the series. He's the definition of camp. Which why he's been a comedy character for years. But if anyone could do something good with him it's Depp and Nolan.

    They were kind of ambigious about it though. They strongly implied it but they didn't actually say he was dead. It's one of those, if they bring him back he was either in a coma or just got knocked out and they locked him up somewhere type things.

    Yeah but you could say that about anything. Pretty much all comic book outfits look dumb in real life. A little tweaking here and there and he'd look fine. The outfit is not why people liked the character. They liked the character because he was menacing as fuck. He was Bruce's equal in every way and was the only guy that ever got the better of Bruce. He was the one guy that Bruce couldn't beat no matter how much "time he had to prepare". And the very idea of someone like that, well was just terrifying to fans.
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    I'd really rather not see Depp or Hoffman as The Riddler or The Penguin, while I'm sure they'd do a great job, they both seem like such safe casting choices. I'd go in pretty much knowing what to expect from both!