Attractions in/around Burbank, CA!!

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    Help! My sister and I are taking our Grandmother to Burbank to see The Price is Right and other attractions. We should have taken her 5-10 years ago, and now dementia has taken a lot from her. For years, her interests (in TV & movies) has been Star Trek (Primarily Original,but also NG, DSN, & Voyager), Babylon 5, Star Gate, and Buck Rogers. I am looking for attractions along this order. I know that such things exist, but want to know what is worth going to and where it is. We are going during the end of May.

    Thanks for any and all helpful tips!
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    Everybody should see the Vasquez Rocks before they die...

    Sir Rhosis
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    Well, if you're only thinking about TV/Movie related places, there are several movie studio tours close by, including Universal and Warner Brothers.

    You can also check out this website for Sci-Fi related sites in Southern California...

    If you're looking to branch out a little bit and see some cool stuff in the area...

    You could check out the Griffith Park Observatory, which is pretty awesome (and you can recognize places where scenes from The Terminator and Star Trek: Voyager were filmed).

    You could also arrange a tour of the Jet Propulsion Labroatory (JPL) in Pasadena.

    There's the California Science Center in Exposition Park (downtown).

    Since this is not really a TOS-related thread, I'll move it to Misc.
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    Heh, I'll be in the Santa Barbara area in about a week and we plan on going to a live taping of the Tonight Show.