ATTN: CHUCK FANS! Bonita Friedericy to Answer Your Questions!

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    Hello Sci Fi fans,

    Bonita Friedericy has graciously agreed, instead of being interviewed by us, to answer your questions directly!

    Bonita has appeared in tons of shows over her career, everything from Parks and Recreation to The West Wing to Star Trek :Enterprise to her newest show Dwight in Shining Armor.

    You probably know her best as the no-nonsense General Beckman from the hit TV show Chuck.


    Please feel free to submit any question you'd like to me via PM. Do Not post questions in this thread, as the mods will be asked to close it after I post this. The questions will be relayed to her, and the interview will be posted on the Trek Today News Site.

    Here is a link to her IMDB page, so you can see everything she's been in.


    @Neroon or @Timby , can you please close and maybe pin this thread for a few days? I have Mom's approval. ;)
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