Assassin's Creed: Shadows


The long-running Assassin's Creed game franchise is heading to Japan:

(The audio track can be set to the Japanese dub in the above trailer, in case anyone wishes to hear it.)


Two of the game's developers talk here about their choice of playable characters:

No gameplay trailer just yet, however.
I can't believe it took them this long to go to medieval Japan.
This is also going to be the first Assassin's Creed game where one of the player characters is real historical figure.
Yeah, and it's likely also the first time they've set one of their games in a location that fans have been asking for.

A good summary of some of the features and it looks very interesting. I really like the option of being able to play in 2 styles - offense/direct and stealth, satisfying both types of players. Of couse some neckbeards already poked out of the basements and went wild that that there's a black Samurai ( woke etc. :rolleyes:) even though it's historically accurate but also very unique.

One thing i can say is that the game looks gorgeous!! I'm happy that as a PC player i will get to play it immediately and not have to wait a couple of years to play console exclusives, it seems developers are slowly moving away from that approach. I'm about to complete Ghost of Tsushima on PC, which i have waited years to play and almost made me buy a PS5 and later that year GoW Ragnarok will finally come to PC, so i'm also excited for that.

This will be my first AC game since Odyssey that i want to play, just not sure if i'll be there on release day or wait a couple of weeks until the worst bugs are fixed ( something that drives me nuts with Tsushima, i can't play an hour straight without the game crashing, sometimes not even that).