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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by BrentMc, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Hello, my name is Brent and I have been working on my first story. I plan to make it a series as I have created my own ship and crew. It has been a lot of fun. I wanted to come online and say hello to fellow fan-fiction writers and ask a few questions.
    Does anyone want to read it?
    What is the best format to post it in?
    Do any of you use any copy protection on your stories?
    I created cover-art just for fun. Do you want to see it?

    My story begins at the end of the Dominion war. While I want to have some action in my stories I want them to be more about exploration than catastrophes. I can see enough of those on the news and I want it to be more fun than dramatic. That's why I wanted the war to end in the first story.

    I once joined a yahoo group for SNW writers. I didn't get around to writing anything until a few months ago, but I did download a list of tips I think were written by Dean Wesley Smith. I found that very helpful.

    I welcome any advice. Thanks for reading.
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    Usually, stories get posted here as posts in a thread. It's best to divide a longer story into several posts, e.g. one chapter per post, so that it stays readable. You can also post your cover art in that thread as an image if you have uploaded it somewhere.

    Alternatively, it's also possible to just post a teaser and/or description of your story and a link to wherever it's uploaded. However, this will usually result in less or no feedback.
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    Dominion War. Nice to see something fresh.

    Remember when we used to be explorers...
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    Angry Fanboy

    As with most things, the key to success is often the execution rather than the initial idea.