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  1. Avro Arrow
    Avro Arrow
    Look everyone, we have someone to blame! It's all bbjeg's fault! :p
    Nov 20, 2016
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  2. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    Depends...what state are you in?
    Nov 21, 2016
  3. BigJake
    Line of reasoning I expect most people had in mind was that a third party vote would effectively help elect the crazy demagogue but would not otherwise much benefit the third party of your choice. If it makes you feel any better, gutting the Voting Rights Act probably had a bigger impact.
    Nov 21, 2016
  4. bbjeg
    @The Old Mixer, I voted 3rd party in Maryland. I knew it would go Democratic, which it did. That also played into my vote.
    Nov 22, 2016
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  5. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    There ya go...whoever told you your vote decided the election doesn't know where you're from or is full of it...Hillary carried Maryland by 25 points.
    Nov 22, 2016
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