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    Captain Kirk heading to space.. for real!

    Okay, Bill, you've convinced me; I'm saving up for a Blue Origin seat. :hugegrin:
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    Favorite Trek Podcasts

    I discovered podcasts back in 2007 through my love of Trek when I found Make it So from Simply Syndicated. Some the other shows that I followed over the years: Trekcast Various Trek FM shows Inglorious Treksperts Mission Log Live The Ready Room, The Trek Files and Positively Trek are the...
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    Game Star Trek Bridge Crew, new VR game by Tom Clancy Developers

    I need a microphone and adult diapers and I'm set for May 30 and beyond. That said, when this comes out it'd be nice if there was somewhere for Trek BBS members to get together on PS4 - not sure how that would work...
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    Star Trek Countdown #2 (Spoilers)

    Picked the first two issues up the other day, can't wait to read 'em.
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    A Semi-Hater Revisits Voyager

    Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager Sounds like me. I never really liked it when it was on, but decided to pick up season four on a whim a while ago. Great stuff.
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    Best TNG Season

    What's the best and why?
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    Wost TNG film?

    Insurrection gets my vote, followed closely by Nemesis... sad way to end it.
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    DS9 returns to SPIKE again as of June 3rd

    Disgraceful time slot.
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    Rank the Indiana Jones Films (Spoilers for Indy 4)

    1. Raiders 2. Temple 3. Crusade 4. Skull
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    Hockey Talk - 2007-2008 Season

    You, my friend, speak the truth.