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    Gamerant article: Star Trek:" What Made Kes and Neelix’s Relationship So Inappropriate"?

    If that transporter accident turned Keiko into a ten year old, what would it do to a fetus? If such a thing as you described above occured.
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    Strand a new crew member

    I've wondered if this was supposed to be the same Daniel Byrd who grew up on Kessik and teased B'Elanna when they were kids.
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    The character I have always wanted to see. Voyager's first chief engineer!

    In the next to the last episode of the series, didn't they have him at the helm. And I think I recall him speaking then.
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    How to resolve 6 Voyager Inconsistencies in 85 seconds

    It ticked me off that they couldn't use this fix for Joe Carey.
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 1x07 - "The Serene Squall"

    I really like this episode. I gave it a ten. Does Capt. Angel have a connection with Sybok since she's trying to rescue him?
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    Your favourite alien of the week species

    Well, we never saw a female Hirogen.
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    Your favourite alien of the week species

    I think someone in another thread said she looked sort of like the Hirogen. Maybe she was the female of their species.
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    Your favourite alien of the week species

    Is that how it was? The way I remembered it, was the Kobali resurrected Lindsay's corpse and the result was a new identity. She still had her memories.
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    Star Trek Voyager Desktop Wallpapers

    This is what makes Voyager my favorite. I also felt like I could relate to the characters more.
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    Other Ships Snagged by the Caretaker

    I don't think it was a few years, just a little over one year. But is anything ever said it had to be from the Badlands or a similar anomaly? Didn't the Equinox take a different route and encountered an enemy that Voyager's crew had never heard of? That makes sense, since the Hera's crew was...
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    Replicator Rations

    He certainly over did it with the "jalopy-nose" peppers in his Rodeo Red's red hot rootin' tootin' chili. In the episode Message in a Bottle.
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    Jennifer Lien

    @Timeofnine, that's an excellent idea. Kes mentoring Seven.
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    Petition: Seven of Nine Spinoff Show

    I find Strange New Worlds to be very good. I haven't felt like it's all doom and gloom. I've only seen the first 3 episodes so far, that's all that's been streamed at this point. But so far, I'm liking it.
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 1x03 - "Ghosts of Illyria"

    If Khan was La'an's ancestor, wouldn't she be an augment as well? M'Benga's little girl was adorable.
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    Spoilers Una Chin-Riley Character Thread

    Didn't she also write Vulcan's Glory? Are Ilyrians augmented humans or a separate humanoid race that practices genetic engineering?