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    The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

    I thought Nemesis was bad...but"Star Trek" is the biggest kick in the balls to Trek fans ever and I'm totally shocked to come here of all places and read people's posts exclaiming how great the movie was. IT WAS TERRIBLE!!! What Abrams and crew did was take a bunch of...
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    Not Supporting the New Movie.

    Just got back from watching the movie... I'm afraid to even write my thoughts, as I'd probably get banned for posting so many expletives in a single message. *goes to rock slowly back in forth in corner while crying*
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    Voyager Uniforms

    I agree 100%. The Voyager uniforms were the best. I liked the DS9 uniforms but they were too dark and gloomy, like the show. Voyager's seemed more relaxed and colorful, like the characters.
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    Viewing Habits

    I only have a Time Travel set on DVD and no access to cable where I can watch re-runs. I hope to be getting a box set of TNG, DS9 or VOY early next year and start watching again on a regular basis.
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    Voyager Caption This: Welcome Aboard

    Janeway: And here is Commander Chakotay - don't worry about him, he just gets nervous in the spotlight...since it so rarely goes near him.
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    Demon Planet is one of the worst of Voyager

    I liked the Demon Planet episode and then the followup episode a few seasons later --- it may have not been everyone's favorite but Voyager always threw these weird eps in here and there when you didn't expect it. Like 11:59 - I loved that episode but it's one of those eps that I can easily...
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    Final Poll for the Best Voyager Episode Ever

    Timeless wins baby! That's why I chose the name 'TimelessTrek'!!!
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    I Miss VOY!

    ^^^ I personally believe the "going back to TOS" is getting way old as well. We got it - people know who Kirk & Spock are - big surprise. Now can we find out what happens AFTER DS9 & Voyager??? It's not like you ever wondered "Oh my gosh, is the Klingon race gonna get wiped out in Enterprise?!?!"
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    Was Threshold really that bad?

    I liked Threshold. I thought it was an entertaining episode - it's not like it was "The Fight"!!!
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    Recommend your favorite Science or Technology book.

    Hyperspace by Michio Kaku.
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    IE7 vs Firefox vs Opera..........

    It's weird - because I want to like IE7...but the thing is, I don't FEEL safe with IE compared to Firefox. I'ms ure technically they're just as vulnerable but if I do online banking or something like that, Firefox seems better suited for it. I still think IE7 is light years ahead of Safari though.
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    MacBook or iBook?

    If you can go to an actual Apple store, I suggest checking them out in person. Now I saw the ol' Powerbooks vs. iBooks in their final generation (mid '06???) and let me say, the screens on the Powerbooks looked a LOT better than the iBook's. Now I'm not sure about these new models but I don't...
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    USB 2.0 card on older Mac?

    Go to - usually they have workarounds for older Macs....and YES, some cards/add-ons/devices won't work on certain Macs.
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    don't shoot me but I like Norton Internet Security 2007

    POW!!! Actually, it's least you didn't say you like Novell.
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    IE7 vs Firefox vs Opera..........

    LOL - figured out that funky Anchor tag browser issue I was having. *APARRENTLY* - In Internet Explorer, you need to have a character inbetween the <A NAME></A> tags. I had to do some 'net research to figure that out. And what's weird is usually Firefox is MORE particular about coding than IE...