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    USS Enterprise (eventually) on Discovery?

    This is okay. But if they don’t have “Cage” era uniforms for THAT ship, and THAT crew, I’m putting the entire writing and creative staff in a vault with a Mugatu and shutting the door.
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    Spoilers Discovery 1x14: "The War Without, The War WIthin" Preview

    Ah, the Federation so desperate that they have to give the Empress command of a Task Force to take the war to the Klingons.
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 1x13 - "What's Past Is Prologue"

    Kelpian Revolt. Apparently they didn’t like the idea of being an entree.
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    Spoilers 1x13 "Past is Prologue" Episode Clip

    Wouldn’t be more transparent if Lorca were wearing a red cap.
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    Spoilers Well...we all know whom the Emperor will be.

    Mugatu is the MU Emperor. No Mugatu, no Peace. But seriously, bringing Georgiou back as a descendant Of Hoshi Sato would make sense. What would make even more sense from a series continuity POV would be to bring back Linda Park as Hoshi Sato’s genetically modified descendant.
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    NEWS: Quentin Tarantino Pitch & Paramount Assembling Movie Writers' Room

    Star Wars is a dying franchise that the graverobbers At Disney are running into the ground. This is the perfect time for Paramount to do something new and innovative with Trek.
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    The Spore Drive Technology. What Do You Think About It?

    I swear to God, if the writers of this show involve Dr. Sevrin and his Space Hippies as a downstream effect of the Space Mushrooms, I will call for the burning down of the studio.
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    If Spock makes a cameo in this, should they use Zachary Quinto?

    Bollocks on all that: who plays Majel's all important role of Number One?
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    If you do a war then doesn't Pike and the Enterprise have to show up?

    That said, if a war developed with the Klingons, Enterprise would be piut at the head of either its own Heavy Cruiser Task Force or tasked to be the muscle assigned to a Fast Carrier (Roddenberry patterned Starfleet after his experiences as a bomber pilot in the Pacific: basically, Starfleet is...
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    Speculation on other Starships we might encounter?

    This story is coincident with Pike's Enterprise of the Talos IV Incident. You can't Retcon that. If the Enterprise shows up, it has to be Pike's ship and it has to be in basically the same shape as a Constitution Class heavy cruiser of the post-Four Year War era. Same staff, too. Pike, Number...
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    USS Enterprise (eventually) on Discovery?

    This series occurs around the time of the Talos IV Incident. You only get one chance to screw something like this up, and I guarantee they'll do it.
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    News Harberts: The Klingons Are Americans

    This is only a decade after a major interstellar conflict with the Klingons in the Forties which was comparable in Federation History to our Second War. The notion that there wouldn't be a Cold War going on between the two powers is silly.
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    Thoughts on Discovery Starfleet Uniforms (Trailer Edition)

    I'm sorry, but these uniforms are an abomination. At the very least, they should have updated the Cage-era uniform with the field jacket. This is just marketing. The Discovery's Timeline is coincidental with the Talos IV Incident. That incident involved a Federation flag vessel, not a frigate...
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    News Martin-Green Answers Disgruntled Fans

    Exactly. The Network wants to generate ersatz controversy to push this show and create ersatz "news", so it finds a few Facebook Klanners and creates a National Crisis. I always figured Zuckerberg was good for something that justified all that money.
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    Kelvin Timeline all but confirmed

    If they succeded in killing off the Kelvin Timeline with this show, I'd be a happy camper.