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    News The ongoing next Star Trek movie thread

    Considering that Star Trek 2009 began in 2233 with the destruction of the USS Kelvin and that movie story of this origin film takes place decades before that, we can have any story starting with the creation of the Federation in 2161. It could even pay tribute to Enterprise, with Bakula.
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    Jason Isaacs Reveals his condition for returning to Star Trek

    Since the season finale, Discovery fans and Isaac's Star Trek co-stars have been campaigning for a series "Find Prime Lorca", giving an Isaacs a reason to return to the Star Trek universe. During an interview with, Isaacs explained what it would take to get him to return to Star...
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    News DSC Season 2 Premiere Reviews

    How long is the length of this episode? I´ve heard 60 minutes.
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    Finally Watching Discovery - Was I Supoosed to Hate This?

    I think DSC season one was better than STNG season one.
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    Finally Watching Discovery - Was I Supoosed to Hate This?

    I completely agree.:techman:
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    Finally Watching Discovery - Was I Supoosed to Hate This?

    All series are full of ups and downs. In my Opinion, the balance is positive.
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    The ancient alien of Javier Botet

    source: What did he mean by this "ancient alien"? I remember they said something about an old alien in the first season.
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    René Auberjonois and Richard Arnold in Brazil

    He's a darling old man.
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    René Auberjonois and Richard Arnold in Brazil

    René Auberjonois (for the first time in Latin America), the Odo of Deep Space Nine, and Richard Arnold, former assistant to Gene Roddenberry, at StarCon - 25 years of Deep Space Nine, convention that NovaFrota holds in São Paulo on August 18. Attractions: 7 hours of stage activities 12 hours of...
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    Borg in Disco?

    This figure could be just an illusion of Michael. I imagined the Mirror Georgiu coming up in Michael's blurry vision.
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    Spoilers Who captain?

    The Pike accident happened when he was aboard a trainning vassel, an old ship, after Kirk took his place in the Enterprise.
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    Spoilers Who captain?

    The Starfleet lost many ships and captains. I bet it will be a new captain, just graduated from the Academy or a veteran man like Robert April, who is close to retirement.
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    Star Trek Discovery Writing Staff

    On Twitter, Star Trek Writers: "Overheard in the room". What does it mean? Any tip? Are they Hearing someone speaking in special?
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    STD 1x15: "Will You Take My Hand?" Preview

    Are they inside Klingon territory? I think it is almost impossible to have humans (Earth) within Klingon territory (source: Memory Alpha) During the 22 nd century, the Orion Syndicate controlled an area of space bordering the Klingon Empire. The area of space between the two powers was a...